Duplicating a xoops website
  • 2005/4/14 10:30

  • BrickTop

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First post here so a cheer up to everyone in this forum and specially XOOPS developers.
I've been using a couple of other CMS so far and got my first taste of XOOPS yesterday. Great learning curve, straight forward understanding, just perfect. Very pleased with the tool.

I'm trying to place a number of fairly simple independent XOOPS sites ( 5 in total) and each one on a subdomain. Sites are targeted to completely different usergroups hence the need to have all of them separated. However all of them have everything in commun like same categories for forums, downloads, etc. The only thing distinguishing them visually will be some visual css changes. I'm not worried on doing 5 installations in a row but the thing is that I'll pass a big deal of time customizing and tweaking everysite.
Hence I was wondering if there's a way to duplicate/replicate (or call it whatever) one of the finished sites, do the same procedure with the database and reflect the changes to the proper files. Is this doable? If yes what will be the procedure to follow. I have some understanding of db and php manipulations so even if my nick is BrickTop I think I'll be able to follow your advises without much headache for you ;)

Thx a bunch

Re: Duplicating a xoops website
  • 2005/4/14 11:07

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hmmm tho I consider meself good at searching prior to posting looks like I failed this once
Check the FAQ FAQ FAQ..... I hear in my head. Already a great Tutorialon moving a XOOPS installation to another server. Moving or replicating same tune. cPanel makes it easy
Well I'm off to trial and error. If I'll hanf over somthing I'll pop in here for furhter help.


Re: Duplicating a xoops website
  • 2005/4/14 11:14

  • dilbert166

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hi bricktop,

i´d say this would be a rather easy job. as for a procedure i´d suggest the following:

- upload and install your "master" site.
- customize it to the degree you like
- then clone the files to another directory
- adjust the mainfile.php to match the new path
- dump your database (e.g. with phpMyAdmin)
- edit the dump with a texteditor and change your master table-prefix to the new clone table-prefix
- create a new clone database and load your edited dump to it
- edit the mainfile.php to match the new table-prefix and database parameters

that should be about ist (without warranty) repeat this for the other xoops-installations

it could be, that you intend to put all xoops-installation in 1 database. then you should adjust the sequence above.

good luck

//edit: ah, i see you already figured out a way. still, my notes might be of some use for you

Re: Duplicating a xoops website
  • 2005/4/14 11:29

  • BrickTop

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thx a lot dilbert

your advises are very mucha appreciated. It's always good to have different point of views over a same procedure.

I'll keep updated the post for the results as it can serve to future xoops-noobs


Re: Duplicating a xoops website
  • 2005/4/14 15:46

  • m0nty

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maybe u could try the Multi-Sites hack. it allows multiple installs.. they have to be hosted on the same server/database tho..


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