Netquery XHTML Interface - Request for Comments
  • 2005/1/27 7:14

  • RVirtue

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I have been working recently on making Netquery fully compliant with current CSS and XHTML standards and I've found that the W3C XHTML Strict validator seems to dislike the simultaneous display of multiple forms. More precisely, it objects to multiple instances anywhere on a single page of input fields with the same ID, even when they're in separate forms.

In the circumstances, there appears to be three options. The validator would be satified if we simply elimate those input field ID attributes and rely on input field names alone (deprecated). We could completely revise the PHP script handling of forms posting to accomodate multiple unique IDs for essentially the same input values (e.g., authid). Or we could revise Netquery's user interface so that it displays only one input form at a time rather than displaying all query types at once on the same page.

I am hesitant about the first option. Relying on deprecated attributes never seems like a wise approach and is quite likely to require even more work in the longer term. To me, the second option seems more like a kludge than a real solution and it doesn't appeal to my "neatness" fetish. So, although the last option probably involves the most work in the short term, it may be the best direction to take for a number of reasons -- not least being a simplified user interface, at least in its outward appearance.

I am currently trying out the third option concept in the standalone edition only which can be seen on my test site at http://www.virtech.org/netquery/ That new XHTML interface approach can be compared to the existing (v2.1) XOOPS module multiform interface at http://xoops.virtech.org/modules/netquery/

I'd be grateful for any and all opinions and comments that anyone might care to offer. If users (actual and potential) think it's worth pursuing, I'll then take a crack at the CMS editions, including the module for Xoops, of course.

Re: Netquery XHTML Interface - Request for Comments

I really appreciate your work on this. Getting a webpage W3C certified is one thing, I am sure it is a serious amount of work to get a PHP program/module certified.

To me the interface on your site demo is just fine. I can understand from the buttons at the top of the page to get the form that I need to use with no trouble. I see no problem myself with this design.

Thanks for the great work and the great module RVirtue.

Re: Netquery XHTML Interface - Request for Comments
  • 2005/1/27 13:11

  • RVirtue

  • Quite a regular

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Thank you for the kind words. Much appreciated.

Yes, it's a bit of work, but it's fun too. I need a "retirement hobby", especially here in the depths of the Canadian winter. :)


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