help? via hosted site
  • 2005/1/25 3:36

  • C1Team

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I uploaded XOOPS to my cox webspace and in the XOOPS Installation Guide and it said to type XOOPS to start but when I do nothing happens.

Re: help? via hosted site
  • 2005/1/25 3:42

  • BoDGie

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Probably doesn't support PHP or MySQL.

Re: help? via hosted site
  • 2005/1/25 3:51

  • C1Team

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ok your right my isp webspace does not support it. my next question is, Does XOOPS have a all html version? And if not is there another system like XOOPS that does this in all html?

Re: help? via hosted site
  • 2005/1/25 7:31

  • rocket98

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Why not go out into ISP land and find a good Unix/Linus ISP that can host xoops. It's actually very inexpensive to get on board with a good ISP these days.

For about the cost of a Starbucks Latte or a Subway foot long once a month. You can find a good quality reputable ISP which would support what you need to run XOOPS and more. Focus on storage, bandwidth and look for needed components to run xoops. mySQL and PHP which are probably installed on just about any Unix/Linux based hosting company. Don't go to local cable like Cox or DSL suppliers (telephone) they tend to be TV and DSL companies not full fledged internet hosts (no software just html web space and email gateway).

You can easily find a ISP that will give you 1GB storage, and 50GB monthly bandwidth (rollover) for $7.95USD, or less a month. Most of the better ones also have reduced pricing on 12/24/36 month packages.

Trying to find something (html based) that will do what XOOPS does is a pretty big job, and even if there was something it would never be comparable. Besides XOOPS there are CGI (Perl) based apps that do Content Management/Portal style, but the good ones require some Perl background or cost a good dollar.

Just some thoughts on the subject



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