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  • 2004/11/30 14:53

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hey guys, in my site, www.pctinkerer.com, if youre not logged in, and view the forums, all of the replies are open and showing, but if you're logged in, and view the forums, you have to click on each individual reply to view them, how can i fix this so that members can openly view them without having to click the links? thanks in advance

Re: Basic forum question

I'm not sure if this will answer your questions, but could it have something to do with flat vs threaded views? You'd have to check how you set up preferences for your forum.

Re: Basic forum question
  • 2004/11/30 17:38

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Yep, it's probably the case that new members don't have this problem because when you aren't logged in it's defaulting to 'flat' instead of 'threaded'. Try creating a new account and then logging in.

To change this for yourself personally and for others who are already members, you need to go to change your personal preferences -> User Menu: Edit Account -> then scroll down until you get to 'Comments Display Mode' and select Flat from the drop-down box. Save your prefs and that should be it.

The members who have this problem, probably became members before you changed it in the site admin preferences from threaded to flat.


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