BookLists 0.9 (update)
  • 2004/10/18 21:19

  • csloh

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I have cleaned up some of the codes inconsistency, and fixed the problem raised by some users who used the earlier version.

You can download the Booklists (0.9) using this link.

History (Version 0.8):

I had wanted to use the MyLinks module in XOOPS to display a recommended booklist s which showed cover shots of books, and allowed users to quickly order the books through the click of a link (I used Amazon, and BookPool) for technical books, you may have your favorite online Book sellers.

The problem I faced is that I already have MyLinks, so mixing Booklists and WebLinks is not ideal. With the addition of BookLists as a XOOPS Module, I can use both modules side by side. If you capture the book covers and upload them into "shots" firectory, you can also display the covers in Booklists much like the "Screenshots" in MyLinks.

You can think of this as a MyLinks duplicate, but I have renamed all the relevant database fields so that it is a little bit better than simply cloning MyLinks.

Thanks to CARNUKE who suggested I look into cloning it myself. "If you don't try you'll never learn."

Re:BookLists 0.9 (update)
  • 2004/10/20 22:55

  • wcrwcr

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Hi csloh

Thanks for sharing?
I was one of those that report some erros regarding the old version

Glad that you upadated the mod.

Just 2 questions, when I try to use the "Would you like to display the book info page withing a frame?" what i get is a small frame on the top of the seller?s with my logo and the "Rate this Book | Modify |Report Missing Title | Tell a Friend | Coments (0)" line of the mod. Is that correct?

Another one, how difficult would be to implement a "click to view a larger cover" function?

Thanks in advance,

Re:BookLists 0.9 (update)
  • 2004/10/26 18:53

  • dilbert166

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hi folks,

is this compatible with the 0.8 version? i´m asking because i updated my 0.8 and it´s gone totaly crap.

when i choose the books-link fom my main-menu, i get a white page saying "error".

did i do sth wrong in updating the module? did anyone encounter similar behaviour?


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