News: forum integration
  • 2004/9/30 0:39

  • harvester

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Ok...I don't know if this has bin done for XOOPS yet or not but here it goes.
I'm looking for a hack that will integrate the forums with the news module.
I make a post in the forums and check a box that says "publish on home page" now the post that I made is in the forums and on the home page of my site.
Now when users read the news on the home page and click to add a coment it re-directs them to the original post in the forums so they can comment on it there.

If this makes no sence whatsoever here is an example of what im talking about
If there isn't already a hack that can do this It would be a great hack to make.
And i'm going to feel really stupid if this is alread in XOOPS and I just missed it....

Re:News: forum integration
  • 2004/10/10 20:02

  • gpl13

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Yes !! I think it will be very good thing !!

Look at http://www.ftb.pl - every topic has own forum !! - very QOOL !!

Re:News: forum integration
  • 2004/10/10 20:14

  • Anonymous

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First Option to move a Post to the news or smartfaq is on the ToDo for the 2.1 Version of Newbb2.

That comments will be return to this Post in the forum could not be only on the ToDo for the Newbb2, must be several changes to several Modules but makes sence and makes the comments as they are now - useless...

Re:News: forum integration
  • 2004/10/13 11:38

  • marcan

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First Option to move a Post to the news or smartfaq is on the ToDo for the 2.1 Version of Newbb2.

Cool ! I was planning on implementing a similar function directly in SmartFAq. But I guess it makes more sens to do it in NewBB.

Thanks Predator !


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