Re: Why should I use xoops? So convince me.
  • 2010/5/5 17:07

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I've used Xoops for over six years now. There were times I looked elsewhere for a solid CMS to replace it but never went through with it. I never really found anything quite like it.

I find Xoops to be simple enough for someone just starting out while robust and customizable enough for an advanced user. It handles high loads very well. My site now sees about 10k per month in unique visitors. Xoops runs just as well as when I first installed it.

Advanced permissions are another favorite of mine and allow me permission or denial of just about anything, module permissions, blocks, etc.

No one can "sell" you on it but yourself. Do a test install, load up some modules and enjoy. It's a solid system that has more than passed the test of time.

How to integrate Shoutmix shoutbox
  • 2010/5/2 18:11

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Ever since I've made changes to my Xoops site, I haven't been successful in getting any version of Shoutbox running (Even 5 alpha, but I suspect that's due to running PHP 4.3 still)

At any rate, our site NEEDS a shoutbox, it's another favorite feature among many on our Xoops site.

I have purchased the paid version of Shoutmix (Which allows for integration - http://www.shoutmix.com) in the hopes that I could code a block to pass Xoops usernames to it.

I've tried a number of different ways to do this and have been coming up empty each time.

Here are the directions from Shoutmix's integration "tutorial" - is it possible someone could have a look and give it a shot? So far(I've been trying for a little bit now), shoutmix works very well and will be a welcome addition to our site...if I could just get usernames passed.


Integration Setup

If you have website with existing userbase, you can easily setup your shoutbox to use data from your userbase. With integration, only members logged in at your site can view and use your shoutbox.
Getting started

This section is meant for advanced users only.

To get the integration working, you simply need to pass two parameters via GET request, appended at the end of your shoutbox URL.


The variables needed to be passed and their explanations are as follow:

Member name to be passed onto the shoutbox.
MD5 value of {name} + {unique code}, to verify that user is coming from your site.
{unique code}
The unique security code for your shoutbox is myuniquecode

An example of how the shoutbox would be called with the name tester:


... where 32char.md5 is MD5(testermyuniquecode).

After setup, be sure to set your access control to Integrated mode for this to work.

Access Control
PHP Function

If you're using PHP, you can add the following function to your script for quick integration. The function will produce correct parameters to be appended at the end of your shoutbox URL.

function shoutmix($name = '') { return htmlspecialchars( '&name='.rawurlencode($name) .'&code='.md5($name.'myuniquecode')); }

Then alter your shoutbox HTML codes by adding the following codes (after your shoutbox URL):

...mix.com/?myshoutmixname<?=shoutmix($name);?>" width="...

Replace $name with the variable that holds the name of your member, as retrieved from the database.

I have removed "(myshoutmixname, myuniquecode, 32char.md5) for security reasons"

I surprised this wasn't brought up here before as it's a popular shoutbox, but maybe it's just extremely simple and I'm thinking too far into it... I hope.

Thanks for reading and your time!

Re: Acct. Suspended: Too many resources
  • 2010/5/1 16:02

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Just to let everyone know, I never really figured it out. The queries (even the one they mention) take .4xxx seconds to execute which looks on par with the other queries. I personally never noticed any slow down or long load times.

I don't think 120 million is a correct figure. We've got a DB which is about 1GB in size (thanks to forum posts) but there's only a few hundred-thousand posts. Not millions.

The site originally ran Xoops 2.0.6 and has been kept up with upgrades until the current 2.4.4. I suppose maybe all the updates over the years caused some issue.

I ended up just doing a fresh 2.4.4 install with latest modules and just copied over the tables needed to salvage user accounts/posts/PMs, etc and started from scratch with everything else. I went from MySQL 4.1 to 5 so the DB structure had to be tweaked slightly but everything is working well and the host confirms everything is alright with them now.

I am a long-time Xoops user and really enjoy the software. I like much better the direction Xoops is going now. Keep up the great work!

Thanks for all the comments!

Re: Acct. Suspended: Too many resources
  • 2010/4/29 23:38

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On the front page, the very first displayed is "Recently Replied Topics". The fact that it updates immediately and shows which threads have latest posts makes it a favorite. I have been running it this way since 2004, do you believe that is the problem? The site has many, many, MANY threads and posts. It sees about 10K/mo in traffic so it is displayed quite often.

4-10-10 was the update to CBB 3.08 from 3.07 if that makes any difference. Switched to CK editor at that time also.

I'm also not sure "which" file is the offender. I have access to me Db again, but have the site "off" until I can figure this out. Too many times and the host is going to get angry.

Thanks for reading

Acct. Suspended: Too many resources
  • 2010/4/29 16:41

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Hey everyone, I've got a bit of a problem I'm trying to figure out. I've got quite an active Xoops site which was pulled offline, "because my database was using too many resources on the server."

I was emailed the "details" which were as follows:


It has come to our attention that your hosting account, specifically the database is causing the resources to be over-utilized.

We have disabled your database to return the server to normal usage. To re-enable your database, you will need to correct the following query:

SELECT t.*, p.post_time as last_post_time, p.poster_name as
last_poster_name, p.icon, p.post_id, p.uid FROM xoops_bb_topics t LEFT
JOIN xoops_bb_posts p ON p.post_id = t.topic_last_post_id LEFT JOIN
xoops_bb_reads_topic r ON r.read_item = t.topic_id WHERE p.post_time
> 0 AND (r.read_id IS NULL OR r.post_id < t.topic_last_post_id)
AND t.forum_id IN
AND t.approved = 1 AND p.approved = 1 ORDER BY p.post_time DESC LIMIT
0, 35

id| select_type| table| type|
possible_keys| key| key_len| ref| rows|
1| SIMPLE| t| range|
forum_id,topic_last_post_id,approved| forum_id| 4| |
14007| Using where; Using temporary; Using filesort
SIMPLE| p| eq_ref| PRIMARY,approved,post_time|
PRIMARY| 4| smxoops2.t.topic_last_post_id| 1|
Using where
1| SIMPLE| r| ALL| | |
| | 9038| Using where

This query examines
126595266 rows, which is unacceptable on this server.

This is a 2.4.4 install and within the past month I upgraded CBB 3.07 -> 3.08 as well as upgraded to 2.4.4 itself.

XOOPS Version - XOOPS 2.4.4
PHP Version - 4.3.11
MySQL Version - 4.1.22-max-log
Server API Version - cgi-fcgi
OS Version - Linux

safe_mode - Off
register_globals - Off
magic_quotes_gpc - On
allow_url_fopen - Off
fsockopen - On
allow_call_time_pass_reference - On
post_max_size - 8M
max_input_time - 60
output_buffering - 0
max_execution_time - 30
memory_limit -
file_uploads - On
upload_max_filesize - 2M

If anyone could lend a hand I'd really appreciate it. The Db should be re-enabled and I should be able to go in very shortly.

Anything more I can provide, please let me know. Thanks!!



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