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Just popping in
Posted on: 2008/8/7 7:48
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Just popping in
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Re: Herko is selling XOOPS.COM, domain donated to the XOOPS Project in 2004

xoopsspere.com? is that a valid XOOPS name? as far as i'm aware XOOPS isn't using xoopsspere name anymore.. that was skalpas codename for the project. so essentially, what does it matter about xoosphere.com? it doesn't matter, it is irrelevant. and besides Marcan hasn't just started buying domains lol

the purchase date was 2005..so that doesn't make it a spiteful act does it..

but your purchase date of i mpresscms.biz was made this year, and the only intent of buying it is so that i mpresscms can't buy it.

2 wrongs don't make a right!!!