Blank pages after server upgrade - simplified urls related
  • 2008/8/13 13:37

  • roxanacaz

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A full description of the issue:

After the host upgraded the server I got several blank pages for several mods - Userpage, P'tites Annonces, news (maybe some other, too).

I know it's related to the Simplified urls hack, because I uninstalled it and the pages showed up. I installed it again and they didn't show up anymore. before the server upgrade, however everything was OK.

So, here's the info you might need for an answer:

Site: Prestari servicii

XOOPS Version: 2.0.16
Module Name/Version: Userpage 1.21, P'tites Annonces 1.4, news 1.55, Simplified urls 140
PHP Version: 5.2.6 (Zend: 2.2.0)
MySQL Version: MySQL 5.0.51a-community
Web Server Software (Apache/IIS/Other): Apache
Operating System: Linux
Theme you are using: Geometric Red
Custom template: (Yes/No) No
PHP Debug Messages: Don't know which ones to post, there are many, different on index and other pages.

MySQL Debug Messages: Can't activate in admin
Smarty Debug Messages: Can't activate in admin

Thank you, I'll post any other info necessary for this to be solved.

Re: Simplified URLs Hack
  • 2008/2/15 11:40

  • roxanacaz

  • Just popping in

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  • Since: 2008/2/15

I've installed Simplified urls on XOOPS 2.0.16 and it doesn't work - it just doesn't show the new urls - everything looks ok, but with the usual old urls.
I've searched the forums, I've searched with Google and couldn't find an answer. I found that other XOOPS 2.0.16 sites are ok with simplified urls. What else coult it be?

I'm sure I followed the instructions corectly - the 2 files in root dir, correct settings in one of them, the code for htacces and the line in mainfile.

What am I missing? It doesn't work with any of the modules, no modules are excluded... What's wrong? Thank you!

Well, I checked again and saw that the line include "simplified_url.php"; for mainfile.php doesn't add. I added it for sure and it doesn't appear. I tried again and again and it doesn't want to stay there. :) Actaully I get this error when saving the file: [a fatal error or timeout occurred while processing this directive]

I guess if I solve this problem, simplified urls will work.

I'm editing again... I hope someone will find this useful.
It seems the mainfile.php didn't let me modify it due to the permissions. It was 444 so I modified it to 644, added the line and then put it back to 444. That's it and it's working!




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