Re: Change the type of register (Yes / No option)

well mine is 2.0.16 but that was on line 126 any way, you can also try the 1 , 1.
good luck

Re: Change the type of register (Yes / No option)

I think you have to modify the file register.php
on the line 126
$user_mailok = (isset($_POST['user_mailok']) && intval($_POST['user_mailok'])) ? 0;

you`ll have to change the value of one to 0
so the code shall be this:
$user_mailok = (isset($_POST['user_mailok']) && intval($_POST['user_mailok'])) ? 0;

I am not sure about the end result but i guess that shall work fine.

Re: Animation Theme..


aljiffry wrote:
Thank you...
I mean that I want themes which have some movement. For example when I sign in and another whin click on dwonload page and so on...

well everything is up on you, if you have some knowledge on flash or dreamweaver then you can make easily a time with what you really need but i guess you do not have enough knowledge about it, so the easiest way to get some is to buy some of those themes above or searching too much to(maybe) find some themes as you want.
good luck.
can you maybe share some link of the vert_noir theme???
Regards, LostStranger

Re: An ajax aproach in cbb forum

nobody can help??
or some one with the same problem???
please i really do need this function.
or if there is an article about it can be good too!

An ajax aproach in cbb forum

Actually by working with VB the forum management system there a is remarkable feature as thanks which provides a selection to vote under each post in vb and thanks somebody for his/her post, is there any feature as this great feature in XOOPS or any hack either???
REGARDS LostStranger.
actually my point is to cbb module made by D.J!!



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