Re: Xoops/PHP Myspace Gold

My point is...I myself have taken stand alone scripts and converted them to modules for some of the members here.

I have also created new modules for some of the members here however now I am not so sure that I am going to sell them or distribute them if just anyone can take my hours of working on these and distribute them for free. If I have 60 hours into creating a new module for a member or a new theme, I'll be #OOPS#ed if I am giving it away. I just would not release it at all period! I mean the scripts I have converted will run without xoops.

I seen in this same thread talk about taking software that apparently no one knows anything about (including me) and offering themes and modules for download for free. I think more research needs to be done as there are those that read these threads and will form an opinion into thinking that its okay to distribute works from someone else just because they read about it in this forum.

I will have to research but if my memory is correct there were modules that came with XOOPS that were not GPL. They were licensed different.

Re: Xoops/PHP Myspace Gold

Okay then what you are saying is that I can buy "commercial" themes from the designers here as well as the "commercial" mods here and then turn around and release them under the GPL for everyone to download FREE????

Is that what you are saying?

It sounds like it....and I must say I think that is going to open a whole can of worms that this XOOPS community or any other GPL community does not want or need.

I am talking about the modules that are created as commercial and themes for sale.

Re: Xoops/PHP Myspace Gold


Mantooth wrote:

davidl2 wrote:
And it would also be interesting to see the copyright situation of the modules included in the Myspace gold pack as well?

yeah. if the modules are any good, someone should release them on xoops.org

Now wait a minute. You guys know that modules and themes do not need to be released under the GPL and are plugins for xoops. What you are talking about is piracy!

If this is the case then we all should be able to take the "commercial" mods from everyone as well as the "commercial" themes from everyone and release them as GPL right?

Come on guys lets not start the piracy thing here. There is a difference between GPL code and code that is "commercial" Themes and modules are not required for XOOPS to run and therefore are or could be "commercial" licensed.

If everyone agrees to this, then we should be able to release all the mods and commercial themes that other people make here as GPL too huh?

Re: Xoops/PHP Myspace Gold


Yea like maybe something before v1.0

Oh wait, there was not anything before v1.0

Think about it, e-friends also has plugins and themes. Hay maybe there is a conspiracy for all PHP software and most cgi software.

Well, I guess you could go back to thatware, some phpbb code etc. since if I am not mistaken XOOPS "borrowed" some of the code from other CMS's also like the ones above.

Re: Xoops/PHP Myspace Gold

I read in another forum not but 2 days ago that there are a couple of people that posted that AlstraSoft e-friends was also based on xoops.

Hay, maybe all the software on the internet is based on xoops. I mean hell, can you blame them? Its great software;0



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