Re: Xoops Search - A Better Implementation?

Well ok than but it would be nice if someone could help just a little bit to add one more field with the result. It would be nice.
I would work on it but i can't find some good literature on xoops programming.

Re: Xoops Search - A Better Implementation?

If somebody still works on this issue it would be nice to add some other stuff in search results than the title of the hit description would be nice or some other fields associated with the hit result.
To have a more info on the hit on the result page.


Re: Problem with entities in the title of a page

No it not solves the problem i just put the char from the mz admin (that read it wright) and i was give the output from xoops like this:

KorisniÄŤki Meni.

And it should look like this:

Korisnički Meni

here it works fine though

Re: Problem with entities in the title of a page

I have the same problem on the site.

Re: Xoops Adria

Evo javljam se i ja pa da probamo malo podrske da damo imam dosta prevedenog od xoopsa na srpski admin meni itd neke module isto tako sto se tih prevoda tice vidim da ih nigde nema pa ako pravte zajdnicu za xoops eto to mogu da prilozim ali nazalost slabo razumem nacin na koji je isprogramiran xoops jer ima dosta procedura i funkcija koje se pozivaju iz njega u modulima pa mi tesko ide da modifikujem module po mojoj zelji imam nekih par stvari odradjeno ali ako neko moze malo da mi pomogne oko toga bio bih mu zahvalan. Toliko za sad. pozdrav iz bg-a

Re: Problem after update php

i had a same problem an the fix solved the problem about notices. But when i finished install i could not get to admin many the links on admin paghe do not work and they atre scatered beacose theme and images probably could not be loaded and the server is going on 404 could not find a link page after i clik on the link or try to open image.

Re: Position a block anywhere you want hack................

where can wee find it beacose the link above is not working

Re: How to improve search results

Thanks But my line 57 is $i++: counter.I just added the last line before $i++. If somebody have same problem with same serch.inc.php file. It is now working like a charm and it would be nice to know if there is a way to add more something like part of the text of the description field or phone number. And one more thing the module is adding a listing id [lid] from like 1350 and in admin page have just a field where you can input the nuber and than edit the add. It would be nice to have some listing on admin index.php. And it would be nice if a field could be added for a user to put the link of his website and a resoult to be outputed like
<a target='_blank'><a name="fb_share" type="button_count" share_url="www.USER-SITE.co.url" >Podeli</a><script src="http://static.ak.fbcdn.net/connect.php/js/FB.Share" type="text/javascript"> </script></a>
facbook like Link And to add a my site url and print it on facebook with his add.
Thanks for you time.

Re: How to improve search results

here is the link for download beacose i dont know i download it like yelow pages module but it iz a xdirectoryoz version on the picture
Thaks for innteres

How to improve search results

How to improve search results to show not only the category name from a module for example xdirectory but to show the business name to.



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