Re: Php forum

Admin, please delete this account. Thanks.

Re: Php forum

Sorry people ... same story again ... I guess I am not welcome here and that happend once and now is happening again!

But now it's the last time ...

Off course now will come Herko and will tell it is all my fault ... so I decided ... I am leaving this page ...

Sorry to all users that maybe I would help in future if this didn't happen ... but they don't want me here ... so I will "remove" myself.

Off course I will come every day here as anonymous user to check if there is something new ... as basza I will take care of myself only ... and this isn't OK for the community ...


Happy Xoopsing.

Re: Php forum

Ohh ... drama!

You are 39 ... at least I think so ... maybe you are lying again.

Re: Php forum


basza wrote:
It would be hard to make a clown out of you seen as you're doing a good enough job of it yourself. You don't need any help from me.

And this is telling me a half literated 43 years old man that is lying on the forum ?

EDIT: This was translated with translation system because I don't know the right word.

Re: Php forum

If the administrators would like to ban me because of that ... do it!

But I won't end this like this ... he is lying and he won't make a clown of me!!!

Re: Php forum

I can't leave it if he is trying to make a clown of me ... Now everybody can understand what he asked for! But before he was only saying that he need a php forum. And now he says I am lying!! Damn ...

Re: Php forum

LOL who are you lying to ??

You edited every post!!! Damn ... don't make a clown of me!

Re: Php forum


MorelyDotes wrote:
Gambero, your sig says, "Sorry for my poor English!"

I think that was the problem here. On the first go, basza was not clear, and you properly answered that the forum modules are all listed. However, he clarified it sufficiently on his very next post: "I'm trying to find a good php forum where I can get help from."

No no no no!!! Don't try to be smart now ... all the posts were edited later! Before was written only "I need a good php forum" ... everywhere!

At that point, it is (or should be) obvious to native English-speakers that he's looking for a forum *about* php, not *written in* php.

I don't have any idea how good your php skills are, but your social skills need to include *not* taking offense when you don't understand the question. Please?

You are smart again ... the conversation went like this:

He: I need a good php forum
I: cbb, newbb, ...
He: you don't understand me ... i don't need module ... i need good php forum
I: this is XOOPS forum ... so it has to be connected to XOOPS ... check here:http://opensourcecms.com/
He. are you stupid ? bla bla ...
I: (you can see my reaction)

So don't be smart now!

Re: NewBB2 small rendering issue

Probably it is a template issue. Try to update templates.

Re: To those who have problems with XOOPS 2.2

Great news ... thanks!

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