Re: Robots crawling print pages....help

Thanks builderb. I wanted more of an .htaccess script for directing the googlebot like a spider trap, but Google should obey the noindex...not a normal thing for me..Usually I want Google crawling everything

Re: Need help modifying registration output page...

OK I see now what you want. Do this
Open Registration.php and find this code about line 299
echo "
.$myts->makeTboxData4PreviewInForm($uname)."' />
.$myts->makeTboxData4PreviewInForm($name)."' name=name>
.$myts->makeTboxData4PreviewInForm($email)."' /> ";

And replace it with this code

echo "
.$myts->makeTboxData4PreviewInForm($uname)."' />
.$myts->makeTboxData4PreviewInForm($name)."' name=name>
.$myts->makeTboxData4PreviewInForm($email)."' />
If you are using Yahoo as your mail account please check your BULK box

Re: Need help modifying registration output page...

Open register.php

At the bottom of the page you'll see
include 'header.php';
include 'include/registerform.php';
include 'footer.php';

Add a line before include/registerform.php

echo "
If you are using Yahoo as your mail account please check your BULK box


Hope that helps

Robots crawling print pages....help

I have robots like Google crawling my print pages that are in my articles under my zmagazine module. Any ideas on how to keep them off the print.php page? I notice many pages that are crawled by Google are in their database. I did a search on Google for this problem and I got a lot of print pages that were indexed. Any idea would be helpful.

Re: Simplified URLs Hack 1.3 Released

I would concur that this hack would not be a good SEO tool. SEO involves many aspects and this hack wouldn't do much. I live eat and breath SEO and this hack will not do anything for you getting listed or crawled better on Google or any other search engine.
Now if you can take each pages H1 header title and pull that up into the URL then you have something.... like...Phil Taylors Advanced SEF's for Mambo. Then I would install a hack like that. But Simplified URLs Hack 1.3 doesn't do anything for better rating on Google.
I would be more inclined to believe a lot folks don't do good on search engines because the don't have session.use_trans_sid turned off on their server.

Re: Javascript problem...seems simple

Dave_L....YOU ARE THE MAN That worked perfectly

Javascript problem...seems simple

I need to use a onclick to pop a window up on my registration page so I am in include/registerform.php and trying this code
echoPLEASE READ before you Register or your registration
will not be complete"

What do I need to call to get javascript to function on this page? I tried
but all to no avail. I just need some simple javascript on the page. I searched through Google and the forum but it seems there is not much on XOOPS and javascript....throw me a bone here.

newbb2 graphics not caching

newbb2 graphics not caching and everytime you read a post it downloads all those little buttons and graphics again. There are like 70-100 of these things and it's a resource hog. What can I change to alter that. It isn't my browser settings either.

Re: Is it possible to copy or clone a module block??

You could just write that php script in the block from what ever PHP page has the script that displays the random pics or just use and IFrame in a block and call that whole page into the page you want to display the random pics page.....but then again I ain't no expert either...that is just what I would do.

Re: Can

Funny thing is I was thinking it was me I posted 3 times yesterday on several diferent posts and every time I posted the browser screen crashed or said web page can not be displayed.
Anyway, my reply was to double check you PHP info on your server and check their sessions settings for the server. It might not have been XOOPS at all, but your server settings for sessions.

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