Re: Appointment Module
  • 2006/11/7 5:04

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Definatly interested in this as well.. I've tried several solutions and the workflow just doesn't work for booking people... such as massage therapists or other health practicioners.

Which editor/management combination to use?
  • 2006/3/6 22:31

  • blairbo

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It's kind of not the right word, "static".

I'm putting together a website for a small local cafe (not internet, but they do have free wifi) that caters to a very vibrant and young group of outspoken movers and shakers in the grass-roots movements (music, art, culture, policy, etc).

I was developing an interface for their main hub but got burried in the comlexities of their demands for a stunningly gorgeous theme that was, I'm ashamed to say, out of my league, but very plausable.

Fot this Cafe, I've put up a basic interface based on the "Flower" theme, took the document she printed her menus with (for the food in the restaurant) and wrapped in in the header/footer, and have the following modules (so far, these can change):

-piCal = the community events calendar (because of it's ability to do recurring and permissions-based events), -SmartSection = reviews (both published in the newspapers and directly from patrons).
-Liase = Contact / Contest Forms

I don't want to keep the cafe food menu static, and would like for the owner/manager to be able to change the menu using a WYSIWYG interface. Inbetween looks a very feature-rich editor, but what would be the best "management" module to use it in?

Others on the wish list:

-a good polling/survey module to take customer surveys, rally support for environmental & public health related issues, etc. and analyse the data. They're currenly using surveymonkey.com, which is very powerful, but laks that built-in feel.

-membership to a group that expires after a set time, to encourage, which will interplay with...

-a payment module or cart(xosc, zen, kshop, ?) that can add the user to certain groups based on their purchase. (ie, they purchase a t-shirt and get bonus access to rich-media content)

-has a module been developed that functions like the regkey hack did, being able to generate a key for someone to signup and immediately be part of a particular security group.

If anyone has a second, PM me for the .htaccess password and check outhttp://test.yasisplace.com.


Re: How do I wrap a URL page ?
  • 2005/11/13 21:23

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I was looking at exactly the same thing. In my FAQ i have a link to mapquest via a form. That form collects someone's Postal Code and after submitting the form, takes them to mapquest where the directions and map are displayed. I wanted this to be wrapped in my XOOPS theme.

So, here's what I'm going to try: a one page module with an Iframe, and the link passes the url as a variable to the iframe module.

Has this already been done?



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