Paypal meter does not post on my site. Any ideas?
  • 2006/1/25 3:06

  • rpilney

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I have gone through it and changed my email like I was supposed to (donations do work FYI just not meter) and I checked to make sure all the IPN and other info from paypal and made sure it was ok that paypal sends back to my site. I had a sw engineer friend of mine that does perl look through the code and through my MySQL database and did not see anything either. He set up a XOOPS site just like mine on his and same module and his meter worked and mine does not.

Thanks everyone. XOOPS is so much nicer than that nuke stuff I tried to work with. I look forward to learning more.


Problem with smilies not working
  • 2006/1/25 3:00

  • rpilney

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my smilies only work in the shout box. Not in the forums or any other place. Here is the code that I found that I think is the problem. Mind you I am VERY new at this but very interested in learning. I am all self taught and appreciate all the work you all do.

Code from xoopscodes.php

echo "<br />\n";
//Hack smilies move for bold, italic ...
$areacontent = isset( $GLOBALS[$textarea_id] ) ? $GLOBALS[$textarea_id] : '';
echo "<img src='".XOOPS_URL."/images/bold.gif' alt='bold' onmouseover='style.cursor=\"hand\"' onclick='setVisible(\"".$hiddentext."\");makeBold(\"".$hiddentext."\");' />&nbsp;<img src='".XOOPS_URL."/images/italic.gif' alt='italic' onmouseover='style.cursor=\"hand\"' onclick='setVisible(\"".$hiddentext."\");makeItalic(\"".$hiddentext."\");' />&nbsp;<img src='".XOOPS_URL."/images/underline.gif' alt='underline' onmouseover='style.cursor=\"hand\"' onclick='setVisible(\"".$hiddentext."\");makeUnderline(\"".$hiddentext."\");'/>&nbsp;<img src='".XOOPS_URL."/images/linethrough.gif' alt='linethrough' onmouseover='style.cursor=\"hand\"' onclick='setVisible(\"".$hiddentext."\");makeLineThrough(\"".$hiddentext."\");' /></a>&nbsp;<input type='text' id='".$textarea_id."Addtext' size='20' />&nbsp;<input type='button' onclick='xoopsCodeText(\"$textarea_id\", \"".$hiddentext."\", \"".htmlspecialchars(_ENTERTEXTBOX, ENT_QUOTES)."\")' value='"._ADD."' /><br /><br /><textarea id='".$textarea_id."' name='".$textarea_id."' cols='$cols' rows='$rows'>".$areacontent."</textarea><br />\n";
//Fin du hack

* Displays smilie image buttons used to insert smilie codes to a target textarea in a form
* $textarea_id is a unique of the target textarea
function xoopsSmilies($textarea_id)
$myts =& MyTextSanitizer::getInstance();
$smiles =& $myts->getSmileys();
if (empty($smileys)) {
$db =& Database::getInstance();
if ($result = $db->query('SELECT * FROM '.$db->prefix('smiles').' WHERE display=1')) {
while ($smiles = $db->fetchArray($result)) {
//hack smilies move for the smilies !!
echo "<img src='".XOOPS_UPLOAD_URL."/".htmlspecialchars($smiles['smile_url'])."' border='0' onmouseover='style.cursor=\"hand\"' alt='' onclick='xoopsCodeSmilie(\"".$textarea_id."\", \" ".$smiles['code']." \");' />";
//fin du hack
} else {
$count = count($smiles);
for ($i = 0; $i < $count; $i++) {
if ($smiles[$i]['display'] == 1) {
//hack bis
echo "<img src='".XOOPS_UPLOAD_URL."/".$myts->oopsHtmlSpecialChars($smiles['smile_url'])."' border='0' alt='' onclick='xoopsCodeSmilie(\"".$textarea_id."\", \" ".$smiles[$i]['code']." \");' onmouseover='style.cursor=\"hand\"' />";
//fin du hack
//hack for more
echo "&nbsp;[<a href='#moresmiley' onmouseover='style.cursor=\"hand\"' alt='' onclick='openWithSelfMain(\"".XOOPS_URL."/misc.php?action=showpopups&type=smilies&target=".$textarea_id."\",\"smilies\",300,475);'>"._MORE."</a>]";
} //fin du hack

Any ideas? Thanks everyone.

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