Re: newslleter module

okay thanks very much vaughan!
p.s:do you know from where i can take 4images module for xoops?!thanks again!

Re: jinzora module

so did they helped you out to integrate it in XOOPS or not?!?!

jinzora module

how to integrate this in XOOPS site?
in there is writed is supported by xoops...any tutorial or something or how to integrate jinzora in an XOOPS site?
doest it exist as an module or something?!
cool link for selling houses and real estate info that i`ve founded on the web by searching google:
check it out!

newslleter module

there exist any newslleter module that permits for example:
to add emails bulk in the database not to add all the subscribers that i haved in one list one by one?!
i haved the database but i`ve loosed but i still got the file with all the emails to subscribers how can i add them batch to an newslleter from XOOPS or to add them by using phpmyadmin sql and how to?
Cool link 4 those who wants to sells their house free listing just need to register:http://www.draculaestate.com/registration/register.html
i`m waiting your answers!
thanks guys!
p.s:finded this coment on EvenNews module i want to ask if this has been done and there are any version of this module having or doing this things:?!
Admin Area
Module button rollover pop up only displays "preferences" link, all other functions are not displayed. All the other function - config, subscribers, add newsletter etc, are available only if you click the mod button. Took me awhile to find them. This is not standard XOOPS UI. Should be fixed.

Text/HTML Format
Subscribers can choose text or html format as a preference. However it's not clear if this really does anything. I composed an HTML message, but indicated as a subscriber that I wanted TEXT. The message was received as text. There's no way when sending a message to indicate sending it to "Text only" or HTML only subscribers

So either we could do the easy thing and simply eliminate the subscriber's choice. Most all current email clients can read HTML message.

Or the more complicated method - which I don't know has much value - when composing a message, there should be a "plain text version" and an "HTML version" and the message goes out as a multipart-MIME. Seems like too much work for little gain.

Bulk import of email addresses
One can "import users" from the registered users list (respecting their "email" preferences which is nice), but should also be able to add a bulk list of emails via text file upload or cut/paste.

"Main Config Page" is blank. Not sure what should be there.

Bounce Control
A way to manage bounced emails would be cool.
A way to know how may message "opens" you get would be cool too.

Need to create a "Recent/Current Issue" block for the module. At the moment the mod only has a "subscription block" and a its "main content block." A current issue block would have an admin configurable number of "recent messages" (1 thru 5?) - with some controls for truncation of titles and message content. Probably do not need the "from" in the blcok. This new block would be useful for a home page summary, where we don't need the "description" or "membership" sections that are in the "main content block"

Re: Suggestion&Questions take a look...

how to wrap and with what module to wrap?
and form example an standalone script i dunno anything that is standalone but haves some folders and more files can be wraped too?and how?
any modules of vertical markets for XOOPS real estate&auto exist?!
thanks for your replies guys!

Re: How can I disable logon

you want to disable the login block in first page or whaT?!give more details...

Re: Suggestion&Questions take a look...

aha cool thanks for the info guys..
but any examples or something for example to port an module from joomla to XOOPS i think this can be done right?
and how?there are any tutorials or something i think every cms haves something important and if people join togheter to make and port some things that are very good on other cms to XOOPS it will be a great success!anyhow XOOPS have many cools thinks the other doesn`t haves...
i think XOOPS needs some more template for web 2.0 and something more styled
what do you think?
also if somebody from here know to port templates from templates monster or boxed art to XOOPS that will be very cool to share templates like that for xoops!

Suggestion&Questions take a look...

hello to all i`ve finded this site searching for real estate on the web take a look on it :
what is using this site doesn`t anybody know?!
is that XOOPS or what is it?
the design is very cool maybe some one can provide links or something for cool design like that..
if that site doesn`t using XOOPS those things that are in there could be ported to xoops?
there are any faq or something how to port an module from an cms to another or somebody does that in here?
let me know!
regards to all xoopers...

Re: how to "install" WYSIWYG editor for custom blocks?

in XOOPS 2016 /class/wysiwyg/formwysiwygtextarea.ph
this doesnt exist from where to download it and put it there?a link or something ..i think because of that on my server is not working
i cannot find :
if ($instance->isNew()) {
$editelements = $instance->block->getOptions();
else {
$editelements = $instance->getOptions();
if ($editelements != false) {
$form->addElement(new XoopsFormLabel(_AM_OPTIONS, $editelements));
in the post of silver74!
i`ve downloaded xoops-class-xoopseditor.zip
i have now in class/xoopseditor
what to do next to work wysiwyg in blocks with 2016?!

how to in content 0.5

i`ve instaled content 0.5 i`ve added some content pages!
i want in my first page to display in an center block an content of one link i`ve maded with content!
how to do that?!

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