Text formatting problems?
  • 2004/7/25 3:06

  • chrometuna

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Im not sure if this is a problem with a checked or unchecked box somewhere.
But often when I copy and paste an article (text) into the form and publish it, it strips out the text formatting, like line breaks and paragraphs and such:


Instead it SHOULD have the proper indentations, line breaks, paragraphs with a line or two space between them etc.

What is the cause of this? And what can I do about it?
For some of these I was using wfsections article editor, but it has also happened with XOOPS built-in news modules etc.

Please help? Even if to point out something that should be obvious to me?


Re: Image pushing content to bottom in wfsections?
  • 2004/7/25 0:40

  • chrometuna

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I think you may need to take a closer look at your theme. You will have noticed that there are other problems around your website (Newbb).
Try using another theme to verify this.

OK, I tried with a couple of different themes (Aside from phpkaox, which I had previously fubar'd) and things still look basicly the same to me.

On the newbb page, are you talking about how the right-side blocks dont sit nicely along the side, and seem to squish the center content around? I'd like to fix that!

I know there are some funky design/content things going on with the site...I'm still working on it.

So if I am getting the same basic problems with different themes, then that means it is not a themes problem, correct?

Maybe you are seeing something that I am not as far as "problems"?

I enabled theme selection on my site, if anyone cares to go take a look and give me some feedback and take a whack at helping me figure out some of these problems.


(Also: phpkaox theme is screwed cause I messed with it and its style sheets...so THATS not really a "problem" its just me screwing things up...if it looks fine by the time you get there, it is because I re-installed that theme.)

Thanks a lot! I dig this community!


Image pushing content to bottom in wfsections?
  • 2004/7/24 11:52

  • chrometuna

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I am as happy as a schoolgirl in her first training bra with the ubc liquid theme and tabsmod.

As per a suggestion I picked up here, I am using wfsections as my "news sections" and linking them to tabs.


I had a problem with ONE of the sections (local news) where IF I have an image that goes with that section, then then content gets pushed WAY down to the bottom of the page, giving the appearence of there being no content.

I removed the image, and the content popped back up to the top where it was supposed to be.

But I also have a similar issue with wfchannel, where I wanted to put a block (recent forum topics) onto a wfchannel page to link to from a tab. And the same thing happened.

It also seems to stretch the width of the page out.

What causes this? And how do I fix it.

ONE issue Ive looked around this forum but havnt found it addressed yet, is the ability to display blocks in something like a wfchannel page?

I dont want the "recent posts" and "most popular posts" blocks on any of the pages, but I want that info easily available to my users...so it makes sense to me to put them on a wfchannel page, but Im new, I dont know how to do that.

Seems to me that the html for those block should be able to be put into the page and it would show the block? Right?

Thanks for any help or info!


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