Re: Chat module recommendations?

I can't recomend which one is best, but I've tried most of them (except those based on MSN & IRC which I don't use) and Shoutbox was the only one that would work for me. If you drop me an e-mail, I'll give you a URL where you can see it working - It's still a BETA site so I don't want to publish the URL here.

I did however have to create my own module to site Shoutbox in as I wanted it in a page by itself, but this was very easy using tools provided here. I can let you have this code as well if you want.

Hope this helps,

Interactive List Bulider ?

Hi All,

I have in mind a module that sort of works half-way between a List and a Poll. It allows users to add items to a list and then vote on the items that should be on the list. Obviously a person would need to be able to vote more than once as items are added, but not more that once for each item.

A sample List might be

"Things To take on my camping trip"
Item For Against
==== === =======
Tent 90% 10%
Barbecue 80% 20%
Best Fragile Crockery 10% 90%

Anyone seen anything similar? Anyone fancy a go at this?

Best Regards

Re: How can I get a background image for the Centre Block Title?

Solved it myself - it's not compatible with the legend keywprd (which I didn't realise was a HTML keyword - they keep sliding these things in when I'm not looking).

So I now have a table that looks like it should and is working with the styelsheet.

Sorry to bother you all,

How can I get a background image for the Centre Block Title?

Hi All,

I'm looking at themes such as Montis Grey where by I am trying to get a background image for the title section of each block. I can do this for the left and right columns no problems, but when I do the centre-block, this only displays behind the text, and not across the whole of the column.

The CSS code I am using is based on the default template:

td#centerCcolumn legend.blockTitle {
height: 20px;
padding: 3px;
background-image: url(hbar_long.gif);
background-repeat: repeat-x;
color: #FFEE00;
font-weight: bold;
text-align: left;

Can you please let me know any suggestions for what is wrong or what may be missing or where to change this?

Currently it's being hosted on my laptop while I develop this, so I can't point you to a URL. I've tried Mpzilla, firefox and (spit) IE, but all diaply the same problem. I can send a JPEG if this would help.

Thanks for any advice you can give, though I'd got it all down nicely, but this is the last thing the just won't play :(

Best Regards,

Re: Unable to Connect to Database -- databasefactory.php line 34

I've had exactly the same error - Install XOOPS, configure, works fine, switch off overnight and when I came back to it the next day this showed up.
So I reinstalled and tried again and everything was fine until I switched off. Now I know I'm just messing around at the moment with a WAMP environment (EasyPHP on WindowsXP home) to provide a demo to a client, but this was getting annoying.

The problem turned out the be the ZoneAlarm firewall I was using on my PC. Even though every Apache/MySQL/PHP process was allowed to do whatever it wanted, unmolested, it would not physically connect until I had turned Zone Alarm right off.

Don't know if this is of use to you, but it might suggest some more options for you to try.

Best Regards,

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