Re: XOOPS 2.5.7 Final Release Issues

Yes, this also works fine, and i think its the right way, of course :) Thank you!
Some module blocks stop working (substr func) when i set this value, like catads, but ill check tomorrow whats happen with it.
Maybe some kind conflict with "general MB value" i dont know... ill rake trough tomorrow

10x man

Re: XOOPS 2.5.7 Final Release Issues

Ops My mistake guys, im little nervous right now (this big update)

The problem isnt in "static function", its in this line:

return (strlen($str) - $start <= $length) ? substr($str$start$length) : substr($str$start$length strlen($trimmarker)) . $trimmarker;

must be:

return (strlen($str) - $start <= $length) ? mb_substr($str$start$length) : mb_substr($str$start$length strlen($trimmarker)) . $trimmarker;

just replace "substr" with "mb_substr"

Re: XOOPS 2.5.7 Final Release Issues

10x Mamba you rock man :) very fast and useful

other (little problem for cyr sites)
In this post https://xoops.org/modules/newbb/viewtopic.php?topic_id=75201&forum=28&post_id=346896 i had a problem with cyrillic characters in xoops blocks.
In xoopslocal.php there is a func witch fix most of the blocks. But in new version this func wont work. Maybe cos of new param "static function" instead of old "function"
Im not 100per sure for this but when i set only "function" the cyrillic characters are multibyte and the strange?symbols disappear

Everything else working fine at this moment :) 10x guys for 2.5.7, im waiting with eagerness 2.6.0 with clean url too :))

Re: XOOPS 2.5.7 Final Release Issues

guys, hostgator php 5.4 working fine on baby plan.
All my modules working fine, even weblinks and catads (old module)

But there is some king problem with caricafoto .js or somewhere in textsanitizer. The images wont resize and not clickable. I tried to return old files in textsanitizer/image but no luck cos module.textsanitizer.php is changed seriously... i dont know really :) Maybe something with the img path

Do you have any idea whats happen?

10x guys :)

Re: Responsive redesign based on new xBootstrap theme

Added responsive banners 468x60 over slider :)

If you have any problem, just tell me

Re: Responsive redesign based on new xBootstrap theme

Hi guys, its done. Here: blacksea.biz/demoxoops/ is clean ver of themes and modules (user:xoops, pass:xoops)
You can download xBootstrap main theme and all color theme-options. If you want to use switcher just set in your admin control panel main theme + all selectable themes.

Most of the modules are little changed and you may not use necessary, but if you want to use catads and content for this theme (responsive) you must use these in download archive
Most of them are little changed particularly for this theme and for my purposes. But "mylinks" changed seriously and now its not for url/link directory. Now its article or info catalog. Nice module really

This theme and modules are not mine! I just little changed for my own purpose. Everybody who want to use - be careful, test first, before set on production site

Thanks to Angelo and UI/UX team again for this nice theme. Great job! Thanks to all module developers also. Respect!

And sorry for my eng of course :)

Re: Responsive redesign based on new xBootstrap theme

Yes, of course i will :)
These days i will clean the code and lang and will share both theme and modules

Responsive redesign based on new xBootstrap theme

Hi guys

Take a look on new xBootstrap theme online.
The old design: https://xoops.org/modules/news/article.php?storyid=6501
The new: http://www.blacksea.biz
Now the site has 6 colorful design based on xBootstrap theme (upper left button)
The modules are the same: news, content, catads, mylinks, weblinks, publisher, tag, rssc, xsitemap, xforms, several dummy..
xoops ver still 2.5.6

Viva xoops

Re: MyLinks 3.11 RC2 Ready for Testing

solved: just css class doubling :) In mylinks.css there is a class "hide" which is the same like bootstrap.min.css in Angelo's theme. They are both as "display:none"

Re: MyLinks 3.11 RC2 Ready for Testing

Hi there guys :)
I have a little problem with "mylinks.js" When i set "xBootstrap Theme v1.01 Final" theme the script stop working
I tried to set link into "mylink.css" and "mylink.js" in htmls and delete code "$xoTheme->addStylesheet('browse.php?' . mylinksGetStylePath('mylinks.js', 'include'));" in .php but no luck. Also i tried to change the script and i looked for some conflicts between .js scripts in this theme and our "mylinks.js but no luck again...
If anybody met the same problem or have decision for this ill be very happy really :)))

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