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Posted on: 2004/7/2 3:13
jegelstaff (Show more)
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Is Formulaire 2.8 missing the Form block?


I really like Formulaire, but I have found what I think is a problem with the current version. I previously used version 2.6 (2.4?) without issue.

Then we reinstalled XOOPS (version 2.0.7) and I noticed a new version of Formulaire (2.8) so I downloaded that and put it in our fresh XOOPS install.

Well the problem is, no Form block was created! I uninstalled and reinstalled, but no improvement.

I installed the old version (2.6, but labelled as 2.4 in the UI) and it worked fine. There was a Form block added to the system.

I'm still pretty new at this, but I think that without the Form block, you have no way of actually reaching your forms, right?

If anyone has a solution to this that I've overlooked, I'd love to hear it. Otherwise, I guess I can look forward to the next release?

Thanks very much,


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