mail setup mail users Problem.....

heloo to all,
i have a big problem....
i don`t now why but i have at site with 520 users!
when it was only 475-480 something like that...all worked good...and i could send mail to the registered users!
now when i want to send mail to my registered users is giving me this error:
While trying to retrieve the URL: http://www.rodisco.com/portal/modules/system/admin.php?

The following error was encountered:

Zero Sized Reply
Squid did not receive any data for this request.

i even tryed from different isp i thinked first time my conection...was not good but nope...
and also now when i try to enter in preferences mail setup same error...
also i`ve instaled event news module i tryed to import users is not working is not loading the page and neither to create newslater.....how can i fix this problem?
pls help me thanks to all anticipately....

Re:3500 smiles

pls tell me more exactly..from phpmyadmin how to do it
i delete the XOOPS smiles ..
and insert the table.zip into the basedate with the name xoops_smiles????or how more exactly..

Re:3500 smiles

i`ve downloded the 150 smiles
i finded that file in table zip..
and more exactly what i have to do...step by step ??
where to put table.sql ?and how to put it?

Re:3500 smiles

so how can i upload all 3500 smiless all togheter in xoops?
pls someone help me!
thanks to all providing help..

Re:3500 smiles

and for smiles????????

Re: 3500 smiles

if anybody nows mod to install them quickly pls let us know!

3500 smiles

i uploded the 3500 smiles pack..
but i have to stay 10 days to upload them manualy by code in xoops..
how can i put them all togheter morea easily and quickly?
what should i do to upload the 3500 smiles faster and to work?
i XOOPS i have to add them one by one......

Re: wfsection problem!

Normaly is the module Wf-section!
In system admin Wf-section was named Disco-club-dj!
look pls in this page cache page from google.com
http://www.google.ro/search?q=cache:W ... ww.rodisco.com/iasi/index
so in system admin Wf-section was called Disco-club-dj!
in system admin you have update and info!
i updated the module!
when i push update the wfsection dissapered from installed modules in system admin!
he appared in system admin at modules that are not instaled with the nameiscoteci
if i push to install now Discoteci(Wf-section) is telling me that:Module File for Discoteci Not Found!Module File for Not Found
if i change to:http://www.rodisco.com/iasi/modules/s ... =install&module=wfsection
to install normaly the wfsection module is accessing the module and there were appear the image of the module doesn`t appear the image and tha name insteead of Disco-club-dj is named Discoteci !
when i push intall is saying:
Installing Discoteci

Table 'xoops_wfs_article' already exists

Nu se poate instala wfsection. Erori:
normaly is saying he cannot install wf section because he is allready instaled!
what should i do ???????:>normaly what happened?:>

Re: system admin

so what i have to do?
and what`s the only solution to this problem?
pls let me know!thanks to all!

Re: wfsection problem!

what can i do or what should i do to resolve this problem?

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