Re: the name of this module is ?

so anyone can check or at leats to try to tell the webmaster from there to release the hacked user info and the module ported from pn to XOOPS ?!
.....very usefull

Re: the name of this module is ?

i found something interesting check this link...
needed to get back into the swing of things and learn pnRender, so I wrote the MyInfo module. It allows users to enter whatever information they like and supports categories. The concept is fairly simple, but since the item body supports html, it can be quite powerful.

More information in the full text.

Features include:
Add, Edit and Delete Items
Add categories on the fly (while creating Items)
Edit and delete categories
View other users' items
Item body accepts html

Please visit http://www.chucksteel.com/postnuke for the download. To view full functionality, you will need to create an account, otherwise, you will just be able to view other user's info (click the My Info - Anonymous User View link in the menu).
-----------------------------------------------------------this is the module used here::
http://www.clubxtrem.net/modules/PN_Profil_List/ ?
if this is the module someone can port it to be used in xoops?!
also in clubxtrem after you login you have in the menu de user this features that are not in xoops:
those two if someone can integer will be very useful too xoops..
so if you make an user in club xtrem when you :
you have there more :anniversare and carte d`identite

Re: the name of this module is ?

i know is good porting modules from other systems to xoops!
i hope too the clubxtrem too release it but i don`t know!
i allready mailled them for the module and for the hack of the userinfo ....!
i hope they will post the module ...and give it!

Re: the name of this module is ?

i will try to contact that webmaster but i don`t he will give me that module and the hack of user info!
could some one integer that in XOOPS ????
it`s very good and very usefull !!!

the name of this module is ?

from where i can get this module?
i cannot find it anywhere?
somebody help me pls!
what is the real name of that module and from where i can get it ?!

Re: calendar feature....

to extcal or to pical ??!!!

Re: calendar feature....

anyone can integer this function?!

calendar feature....

look here:
an complect calendar!!
somebody could integer an function to pical or to extcal from XOOPS to make the lines of the calendars ?
for example some people for there sites need these lines:
supoorters,fans ,etc
others need
dj,promoters and so on....
also an great featurea if it can be done it will be the feature ..who`s going
who`s going feature details:
this feature normaly should be added to all calendars in XOOPS because is very great..
any register user on the site if he wish to go to an specific event will push the button add me and the webmaster of the site will know some of the users of the site who will go to the event like in that calendar of that link..
can any dezvolt and integer those 2 very important functions in xtcal or pical from xoops?!

Re: Register -more options

so how can i customize and add the extra fields for all those?!!

Register -more options

can somebody help me to integer some more options to the register.php of the XOOPS module ?
something like that on that link...
also the user registed to have this features:
personal settings(what XOOPS register haves allready)
public profile look here just like that:
a buddy list and ignore list after he register in the ignore list he can add budies and budy list he can add his friends ............
pls let me know if somebody help me integer those or if these options can be integer in xoops?!

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