Re: XOOPS modules. Which ones do I need?

Thanks everyone for the help. I've now installed
a number of these modules and am well on my way to
a running site. Many of the modules I've installed are
listed in the menu as eXtCal, CBB, Userpage,etc. I'd like
to rename these menu labels to something a member could
understand. I looked thru the file


and could not find the menu labels. I then grep through
my files looking for the module string name. Some
of the strings appear in a modinfo.php file but
changes don't appear in the menu after I make the change.
What do I change to have my menu items appear as
something meaningful to my members?


XOOPS modules. Which ones do I need?


I am running another CMS and am looking for advice on
XOOPS modules.I'm looking for pointers toward modules
that would provide the features I need. I am moving
from a 'nuke' system because they lack many features
that need to be written. I am a experienced web developer
with lots of sql/perl/cgi experience. I'm new to php but love
it so far.

Thanks for any advice. CM

PERSONAL USER PAGES - Pages with photos and user supplied
content. Users need photo galleries which can optionally
be shared with other members (ie. public and private galleries).
It'd be nice if the personal page had links to the members
photos (in a public browseable gallery) and their forum
posts. A buddy list would be nice where I can quickly find
my friend's recent forum posts or albums if they've shared
them out. If possible a private messaging system where
members can contact another member or a group of members.
A personal blog is nice too.

un-moderated sections. Galleries and forums with the ability
to rate photographs and moderate forums or galleries. I need to
be able to limit the number, size and dimensions of photos.

STORE FRONT - to sell t-shirts, caps, etc. Linked to paypal
would be great.

BANNER ADS - Needs to be able to control ads on the top
banner, down the left and right-hand side columns.

CLASSIFIED ADS - Free ads for members to use. The ads
should be as automated as possible allowing an ad to run for 15 or
30 days, allow pics & thumbnails.

CALENDAR - for events (worldwide, national, regional).

NEWS PAGES - A newspaper like page and a page for reading RSS feeds.

MAPS - Googlemaps of online users or all members.

pages for paying advertisers to have one or several online
pages with photos. This would be like personal user pages with
different content. Similar to a special group for 'paying'
clients. A paypal based subscription link would be nice
for these 'premium' users.

CUSTOM MODULES - Last I need to have the ability to add a simple
module where I can collect data from people (different
types of trips and a mileage count for each) and the ability
to summarize those trips on each page in a block (45,000
trips and 2,201,000 miles).

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