XOOPS 2.3.3rc: bug with extcal (minical block) ?
  • 2009/2/26 13:24

  • fdeconiac

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Also posted on zoullou website (in french),

I just update for v2.3.3rc and face a problem nearly each time i validate an edit page...

This page cannot be displayed due to an internal error

You can provide the following information to the administrators of this site to help them solve the problem

ErrorSmarty error: [in db:extcal_block_minical.html line 8]: syntax errorunclosed tag {if} (opened line 5). (Smarty_Compiler.class.phpline 326)

So if i undersand well, it would come from the module extcal, on the block minical. What is amazing is that this block don't appear on the admin side, so i do not understand why i got this problem there ...

If anyone has a solution...?

Tks, see you

How to install smartobject on 2.3.2a?
  • 2008/11/29 15:05

  • fdeconiac

  • Quite a regular

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  • Since: 2008/11/29

Hi everyone,

I have a problem to install "smartproject" on last XOOPS version.
I have to make 3 hacks for make it works, but i can't do the 3rd :
3- class/module.textsanitizer.php

Edit the file class/module.textsanitizer.php in the root of your XOOPS site and locate these linesaround line 292

        if (
$smiley != 0) {
// process smiley
$text $this->smiley($text);
        if (
$xcode != 0) {

After these lines insert the following code :

         * Hack by marcan <INBOX>
         * Adding SmartObject Adsense Feature
if (function_exists('smart_sanitizeAdsenses')) {
$text smart_sanitizeAdsenses($text);
         * End of Hack by marcan <INBOX>
         * Adding SmartObject Adsense Feature

The class files organisation have been modified and so i don't know how and where make changes...

If you have any idea, thank you very much !!!

PS : i need smartobject to make my other smartmodules work...

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