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Re: XOOPS in 2022

There are always two kinds of people in Open Source:

1) Those who come and see opportunity to help and contribute

2) Those who come and always complain, without contributing

Sadly, Sophie2 is a perfect example of the second group of people. She came after many years of absence, she trashed the project in order to feel better about herself, and then she left.

XOOPS is Open Source, i.e. it is up to the people to contribute and make it better. Nobody is stopping anybody from forking XOOPS from Github, contribute to it, and make it better!

Paraphrasing John Kennedy: "Don't ask what XOOPS can do for you, ask what YOU can do for XOOPS"
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Re: XOOPS in 2022
  • 3/3 6:46

  • goffy

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hi Sophie2
hi xiran

I'm not understanding why you are not satisfied with XOOPS

What kind of a niche would you like to be filled by XOOPS?
What kind of progress would you expect?
If the code is a problem, what would you suggest?
Dou you have visions of a modern CMS?

Re: XOOPS in 2022
  • 3/2 10:21

  • Sophie2

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I agree and it's pretty obvious. No new users, barely a community and just maintenance of the old concepts to death.

The code itself and the github activity is the least of the problems Xoops has, I think.

There's no vision (at least not properly presented) and I can't even imagine some young new web developers coming to this website and getting excited about Xoops.

I checked in to see if there's at least something left here from the good old days, but it appears everyone is perfectly fine with the way things are so I will see myself out.

Re: XOOPS in 2022
  • 2/22 15:20

  • alain01

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Hey Mamba,
same time, same thought, same answer

Re: XOOPS in 2022
  • 2/22 15:18

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Re: XOOPS in 2022

Hi Xiran,

Seriously? Do you really call it a "no progress or development in these 10 years" ?

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I would like to invite you to check out our GitHub repository:


as well as our Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/xoops/

And, of course, please help us by contributing yourself to XOOPS!
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Re: XOOPS in 2022
  • 2/22 13:52

  • xiran

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Even if this project is not dead, but there has been no progress or development in these 10 years

Re: XOOPS in 2022
  • 2/18 8:17

  • liomj

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I've use other CMS but XOOPS is still my favorite and main cms that i used, One of the reason is the easier to modify the modules and themes to suite my needs

I have several active websites that i helped managed and developed using XOOPS and im very thankful to XOOPS for making website management more easier, With my limited knowledge, i try to help here and there, update some modules, tyring making my own theme and testing the core and module and report bugs

past few months in my freetime i've been learning to create my own module with the excellent XOOPS modulebuilder to create our own module https://github.com/XoopsModules25x/modulebuilder/

XOOPS it's not as active as it was in it glory days but XOOPS does the job and i will always try recommend to my friend

using XOOPS is unique and im proud of using XOOPS

wishes for XOOPS for future maybe more responsive core, responsive themes and more great modules

so for me XOOPS is not dead...Long Live XOOPS

Re: XOOPS in 2022
  • 2/16 13:05

  • alain01

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You can see the automatic light/dark mode running with the excellent xSwatch4 theme in this video.

You can see a customize admin side in this video.

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