Allow users to select the groups they belong to.

Is there a way to allow your registered users to select the group they want to belong to and have separate permissions for each?

Aside from the webmasters group that is.

We have a website with a lot of users and each group has a separate layout. Is there any way for a site user to select the group themselves?

Re: A calendar module that works?

This is the version I am currently using. It seems like the recurring events code has been copied from another calendar because it is having the same exact problems.

A calendar module that works?

I am using XOOPS RC2

I am not able to find a single calendar module that works properly. Every single module has problems with reoccurring events.

I've tried downloading several from the module repository and the website links to check on the developer's sites as well however every module has had the same problem.

Please help.

Re: WYSIWYG SmartSection hack or alternative?

The link to the Koivi editor does not work. dev.xoops.org is currently down.

So it does sound very easy but half of the XOOPS resources are eigther down or do not work.

dev.xoops.org, I don't even remember when it was up

XoopAddons has been hacked and is also down.

WYSIWYG SmartSection hack or alternative?

Using XOOPS 2.0.17 and the xoopseditor pack in /class/xoopseditor

I have successfully gotten the AMS and WiwiMod modules to use Koivi Editors.

However, SmartSection refuses to be compliant. I have even edited /include/functions.php to match the current editor directory.

The editor then shows up but does no function in the least.

Hack to replace DHTML with Koivi in block creation?

Is there a hack to replace the current DHTML editor to be replaced with Koivi?

I thought I saw a howto somewhere but have been unable to find it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Re: WYSIWYG editor

Heh goodluck...

Client management and contact module?

Is there a module that lets you manage clients. Have a full client database and allow you to send e-mails or try to solicit new clients.

I tried SmartClient but had no success trying to get it to work. I am currently using SmartPartner but it does not have the functionality I want.

Has anybody has success finding a module to do this?

Please help...

Re: Change DHTML editor for blocks?

How can you change this to Koivi editor or any other editor?

It seems strange that even though these editors are fairly stable, most Xoopers recommend using HTML and now modules use WYSIWYG editors. Why doesn't the System Core follow suit?

Re: Is there a way to search for modules I don't know about?

It seems like the trove project list should be the homepage module or at least be listed on the bottom I did not even know this existed.

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