Re: xLanguage 3.03 Beta 1 -ready for testing & feedback

on 1.1 there wasn't spaces and spaces caused troubles, now in 1.2 they are in place...

I think keeping it without spaces will be better, have no idea what will came with 1.3 or 1.2.1 update (which there is a special part for PHP Define), which will try to update some of the reported bugs with XOOPS and banned one.


No spaces, no trouble... and what about INIs ?
There will be only



No spaces :)

Re: Translation Teams on Transifex

Post message to each module thread in Blue-move or PM/mail me, mamba is too busy with other things to take care and for the languages.

Section Proofreading:

But this is for teams with more then one man :)
Not applicable for Spanish and my.....

Once you hit your language on XOOPS Modules for example and if u're team leader, u should be able to click Edit language field team. (translating and writing on forums is not good idea) :)

There are Coordinators (Team leaders), Members, Reviewers (those which have to proofread the files before release).

Avoid use TM (Translation Memory), when TX 0.1 was launched, there was full of .... crappy translators, such as kids which even can't speak and write in they're own language, and bcz of that - Forums are translated as Forms, Article as Product and so on, double read everything which is supposed to be at 0%, but thanks to TM starts at 1% or 5%

The other good, really good feature is Glossary, again not applicable for one man teams :)
Glossary contains common words used in translations, eg. XOOPS Story to be translated as Article, or favorite XOOPS WEIGHT to be translated as Order and such. So once core is translated with Article instead of Story and Order instead of Weight, to not make mess with the modules, and to be used Story and Weight.

Re: Newbb 4.3

(This newbb 4.3(www.xoops.org) have and problems with sessions)
Grrr, do I have to click several times submit, so I can post something... How I can exceed time on copy & paste and logged in from 2 seconds ?
Invalid submissionYou could have exceeded session timePlease re-submit or make a backup of your post and login to resubmit if necessary.

Re: Translation Teams on Transifex

When translation is completed per file, there is a function to be reviewed and to ping the project leaders as Reviewed and Completed. Use it once, all files per module are completed. The other option is downloading by yourself and packing or posting in the dedicated module thread.

Re: Translation Teams on Transifex


when I can´t sleep I translate to waste the time

Hehe, same as me... but except me so far no one else uses XOOPS :)


Could you check news module lang files in TX? I translated 4 files, but in last distribution (1.67 Final) there were 5 files - I can't find source of newsletter.php

Files on TX are for 1.68B1 and they're 4, newsletter.php is outdated file from the time of XOOPS 2.0, but no one of the devs reads what I'm posting. It's optional, but in every distribution of xx-XX_News-168beta.zip should be a readme file with short how to - so the user of the selected localization to make it in the way how he/she wants.

Newsletter.php is mail template, same as mail_template/ folder which have to be moved inside the SQL in 2.6.0 at least. Hopefully Mamba will point them to this issue, /help to be removed from any module, core_language folder, mail_template/ to be moved inside SQL and each module as function, Keep It Simple, Stupid, don't mean the end user to use advanced techniques to set up simple Newsletter or Welcome mail template.

Re: Translation Teams on Transifex

You're team is not by one, especially for modules, otherwise looks strange... from where do u got so much time and will for translations ? :)
And yours, pt-BR, Slovaks, Italian and French are the most active :)

Re: Translation Teams on Transifex

There was an explanation how TX works.
Packages are available (should be) from XOOPS svn if mamba got them from
http://sourceforge.net/projects/gtlt or free mirror sevicing mostly used for sharing warez such as Mirrorcreator.com.

Dutch translation sais 99% ready. How can I see what the 1% is which hasn't been translated yet?

Current Dutch core translation is 100%, or there is a 2nd Dutch team ?

All core files are OK, Infidex will not plant the update on servers before 2.5.6 or 2.5.7 releases, still needs a lot of testing which I'm doing when got time.

Modules, most are reviewed, corrected and uploaded to TX (English languages are available from the selected module thread under Blue-Move forum, with translations as well), rest are not accepting translations and will be removed by Sunday or Monday.

All language files are up to date with latest announced by the module maintainer, atm Mamba, which is the only one responding to bugs.

TX is in times easier then NotePad + and Winmerge, because with every new release of core and/or module, u have to verify every single file of XOOPS or the module for changes, additions and removals. TX does this automatically. As team leader or member of team, u have only one task - to keep your translation on the prepared templates (source languages) up to date, clean of mess. As I mentioned in another Thread, regarding TX core progression, some "leaders" will be replaced as the given example bellow.

Once you've clicked on the language team, let's say Greeks
There are 3 columns:
1. Name of file 2 progress meter 3. date of last modification
bellow this 3 columns, there is a small light blue bar, by clicking it once, u will see the files in reverse order sorted, eg. 0% translated to rest.

Everyone is free to use whatever he/she wants, but the end result as I already noticed for some modules, are 90% for Dutch (only for Dutch). Thanks to Notepad + and outdated language files. For example News module listed on TX, the language files hosted on XOOPS Modules are for 1.68 Beta1, no idea where rest using Notepad + got their English templates.

Translations for me are:
1. at first place - localized distributive of module/core/template (well, themes here)
2. on understandable language (which not mean word by word or google translator)
3. on the latest language files, otherwise user will read something which is not on adequate position or even _AM_SOMETHING_GOES_HERE

There are 3 ways of downloading languages at the moment:
1. TX Console client
2. Old-fashion way by click/rename or click/overwrite existing files.
3. By MadFish script (if u are team leader)

Once again, I'm getting angry only with one-two developers here, not with Translators :), everyone is free to use whatever they want, for me is not a problem, it's not for Mamba too, it's a voluntary project and everyone spend their free time if they want. No one is forcing translators to use TX.

Re: Translation Teams on Transifex

Ping me or as team leader (if u are) you can try to use Madfish (from banned cms) script for downloading translations for modules. Both modules for ICMS and X are setup with same structure on transifex and in they're distributions.

in distribution

in tx
[modulename]main.php [en-GB]

script does and language change, but no time atm to play with Xoops and scripts.

Re: Roadmap 2.6.0 Discussion


Instead of 960.gs, we already have implemented Twitter's Bootstrap 2.0, which is 960.gs on steroids!

So no need to wait till 5.0.0! Thanks to Nicolas (ForMuss) it's already implemented in the Core and ready for testing!

Added support for one or another framework won't show much, if the user still have to stick in 3 columns and 8 blocks positions from the administration.

Block administration need removal and to be rewritten from scratch.


Profile module need a complete revamp. I dont think it is good to replace it with a new one like xRoster unless it can be possible to work like a unique module.

+100(or 1000)

.... so for now is more like Preview Release, not even Alpha 1.

Re: XOOPS 2.5.x Translations using Transifex

2.6.0 can be on hold for a few more months
only themes to be adapted for 2.5.6, and 2.6.0 Alpha 1 to came out when there is a decision about languages....
just rename the version 2.6.0 alpha 0, not alpha 1, or Preview Release....

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