catads not uploading pics

I am getting the following error when I attempt to upload a picture as part of an ad on the catads module "error encountered uploading file".

Before this I had en error saying that the directory was not writeable and schmod and it took care of that error message.

I made sure the pic is within the w/h requirements and file size restriction.

Please help!

Thank you.

Alfonso in Chicago

Active Notifications

I have just installed XOOPS onto a website and the Active Notifications option appears on the bottom. How do I turn this off? I have made this not visible in groups for both registered users and anonymous users but still appears. Please inform. Thank you.

alfonso B

alternative calendar module?

Are there other caledars out there besides the ones that appear in the downloads sections? I was hoping someone out there has come across something. Thanks.

Best Regards to all,


recommendations on Xoops host?????

Why does Xooops.org flow so great????

Is it the host? I have been working on building the following XOOPS site: www.hispanicpro.com/html/ . My host is Netfirms.com.

I have times when requests time out and I get the dreaded "page cannot be displayed". I have asked repeatedly to provide me concrete answers and I always get stupid ones like:

1. "Netfirms does regret the service outage you experienced earlier this evening.

Our web service was not functioning between 3:55pm and 4:55pm on Wednesday, January 5th due to a misconfiguration.


2. "Please be advised that a small number of customers experienced a temporary issue with their hosting service earlier today. However, we have now resolved the issue and all services are running normally at this time.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused."

On xoops.org, even if a process is taking a bit of time, it follows through to then end and doesn't quit. With my host when I click to go somewhere within the site, it is like the database gives up trying to connect and just spits back the dreaded " the page cannot be displayed, The page you are looking for is currently unavailable" Please help because I am getting ready to pull my hair out!!!!!

If I need to switch hosts, I want to do it now as I don't want to keep dickin'(sorry for the language) with Netfirms.com.

Can anyone provide the name of a good host experienced with xoops? is planetxoops the way to go?????



ERROR: requested index [-1] out of bounds [0]

I installed xoopsgallery version 1.33 on my XOOPS site version 2 and now when ever I go to my index page, I see the following:

ERROR: requested index [-1] out of bounds [0]

someone please help me find my index page!!! Thanks in advance for your help.

Best Regards,


Re: Error [Xoops]: Unable to connect to database in file class/database/databasefactory.php line 34

hello guys.

I have sent an email to my hosting company asking them what is going on with my hosting account. I did absolutely nothing and I typed up the page today and I was able to get the site back! After working on the site for 2 hours, the same happens. I get the same error message I had posted. This is driving me nuts!!!! Thanks for your help and suggestions.


Error [Xoops]: Unable to connect to database in file class/database/databasefactory.php line 34

I had installed XOOPS on my website and everything was running smoothly. I was in the news section submitting a news article and upon hitting "submit", I get the following message "Error [Xoops]: Unable to connect to database in file class/database/databasefactory.php line 34"

i cannot get back into my administration menu. Please advise on what to do.



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