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kohoutek wrote:
The style was never released. It's not an available theme. It is the theme of one website and its creators.

Well, modifying the navigation bar doesn't make it any better now does it? We probably have different ethics, but I don't think ripping a style 1:1, copying images into PS and just giving a few buttons a different color makes it a just move.
Neither can it be considered fair to claim something as your work when you've done nothing but copying and pasting someone else's work. Anyway, just my two cents. :)

Hey, wow. I did'nt know I would cause this.
This is'nt ripped, I would call it inspired.
Only part that is simular to Yaxay, is the navigation bar, that's the only part of it, which you may think is wripped.
You may think that I ripped it, but no, it was a tuturial on how to make a menu bar like yaxay

It's obviously very simular, but if you put it closer to light you would see the gradiants for the buttons are different, in fact, different colours, different SHAPE of the actual button itself. The file names are different, the image blocks are different size, and proportions then yaxay. The icons are simular, but not the identical ones of yaxay, you'll see the different shades.

It would be fair to say that, this is'nt a violation on any part of the site, and I am standing firm, that Symbiotic Online skin is different then yaxays.

Re:A UserInfo shortcut using 404 error

I managed to do a subdomain for my users. eg. Username.xoops.org
Involves having a fixed IP, and using CNAME* ponit.

Re:User Group Module (Will pay...)

I want it to have the following features:
- Your own Group Calendar.
- Your own Group Photo Album
- A page with List of Members, Administrators, and Moderators
- Your own Forum
- Your own Group Links Page

lol, kinda complicated I know. But if anyone is up for it, email me. =)
Will pay.

Re:Hot or Not module


Bassman wrote:
Since IPB has changed it's licence to payware, I think i'll give it a miss :)

Sorry. =(

Re:Web mail module for direct integration w/ xoops (automatic account creation with user creation

Do you have an ETA on Devolopment? Love to support it.

Re:Hot or Not module

Ermmm. not yet.
It's part of a personals script.
It also only works on the Invision PowerBoard module.

Re:user blog module ala livejournal

Actually Sorry, it's not for single use, you as an admin will have to create the weblogs for them. As the module, weblog does, it auto creates upon registration.

User Group Module (Will pay...)

Hey guys,

I was wondering if there is any like, "user group" module out there, where Users can create "groups" or "communitys" and each community, has it's own little forums, and there can be a leader, which can administrate tasks only in that community and you can talk about the particular topic, it can have a password only. And you can only read forums if you are a member of that group.
Like. Yahoo! Groups, or MSN groups.

If anyone has anything LIKE it, I WILL pay for it.
Or if you can create it, email me at: admin@symbiotic-online.com, I will pay you to create it.

Re:user blog module ala livejournal

Wordpress is for a single user only.

Re:Hot or Not module

I've got a Hot or Not script on my XOOPS site working.
It's inbuilt with the profile.


You'll have to register to see profiles though. Sorry!
But if you want to see a demo, check it out.

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