Re: database administration tool - connection with EMS to surpass
  • 2005/6/7 10:58

  • asche

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it is not a version problem, because I have Server version: 4.0.22 and PHP Version: 4.3.11.

If bluenova can connect to surpass with remote db admin then it is all about configuration?

config server:
MySQL Account Maintenance - "Access Hosts" list:
ip address (here my problem: my local pc has dynamic ip - so how can I enter my ip in "Access Hosts" list?)

config client (connect to server):
example EMS:
hostname: localhost
-> I cant provide http of server here because it is set default "localhost" -> so where can I provide host ip (phpadmin)
port: 2082 (???)
user: user_name (account_user or db_user)
db: db_name (if there is a dbname, then user_name should be db_user -> but then I wonder where I must provide my account user -> via url like bluenova says ?

example MySQL Administrator :
server host:
port: 3306 (standard?)
user: user_name,
-> this is account user (I would not know where to fill in db_user)
-> in MySQL Administrator there is no db_name (just url goes to phpadmin)

Can somebody please tell how to configure a successful connection? Or will I run into the 1045 mySQL error in the end (bluenova didnot get 1045 at surpass!)?
1045 "access denied for user"

best info I found so far:

Free database modelling tools?
  • 2005/6/7 8:09

  • asche

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Im in search for a preferrably free data modelling tool that can create a DB model from reading a DB schema. I need this to do nice ER-diagrams of a MySQL DB. Is there such a tool?

more info:
http://discuss.fogcreek.com/joelonsof ... asp?cmd=show&ixPost=27950

Re: database administration tool - connection with EMS to surpass
  • 2005/6/6 11:54

  • asche

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hi bluenova,

how can I write my ip in access host list when I have a dynamic ip with my local pc (I tried with taking ip from ipconfig)?

I tried to connect with EMS, but there there is default to conection field wich is set to "localhost".
With MySQL Administrator I tried ftp://username@ip/public_html + ip host + port 3306 + user/pw and can ping the server, but get an access denied ...

So can you please help me with more info to get this remote connection with EMS or MySQL Administrator to surpass running?

thanks asche

Re: How interesting is Eclipse ... EclipseCon 2005 - addition of five
  • 2005/6/2 22:56

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* *
* DB/C Newsletter *
* March 2005 *
* *

News and Comments

I attended EclipseCon 2005 in early March. After last year's great
conference, my expectations were high - and I wasn't disappointed. This
month's article is a report about what I saw and heard.



EclipseCon 2005

More than 1000 people attended the EclipseCon 2005 Conference. This
represents a more than 50% increase in attendance when compared with last
year's conference. One of the keynote speakers noted that there were only
four no-shows for this year's conference. Both numbers are indicative of
the growing importance and acceptance of Eclipse.

EclipseCon 2005 consisted of 3 keynote speeches, more than 50 sessions,
13 tutorials, and various birds-of-a-feather gatherings during the four day
conference. In addition, 37 exhibitors showed their products for two days
in the exhibition hall.

The most important announcement at the show was the addition of five
new Strategic Developers - BEA, Borland, Computer Associates, Scapa and
Sybase. Becoming a Strategic Developer indicates a significant corporate
commitment. Each Strategic Developer is required to contribute 8 full-time
programmers plus $250,000 per year to the Eclipse project.

With these latest additions, almost all large software companies have
now joined the Eclipse camp. Two major exceptions are Microsoft and Sun.

Borland's history and current plans for Eclipse are quite interesting.
Borland was an original founder of Eclipse, but did not initially make a
large contribution of programming resources or money. Historically,
Borland's JBuilder was a direct competitor to Eclipse, and a large part
of Borland's revenue came from products that were Microsoft-specific.
With its announcement that Eclipse will be an integral part of its new
ALM product line, Borland has decided that Eclipse is where its future
lies. This is a big deal.

Another significant announcement was the creation of the Business
Intelligence Reporting Tools (BIRT) Project. Actuate Corporation, a leader
in Java reporting tools, has donated a large codebase that is the basis
for BIRT. This may be of interest to DB/C users who are looking for an
inexpensive, cross-platform report generation tool. Crystal Reports and
others selling expensive reporting products may see their markets erode
because of this new, open-source alternative.

Other significant announcements include BEA's support for the creation
of the Web Tools Project and the work of several companies to extend
Eclipse for use with various other programming languages. Microsoft
even showed up to demonstrate Visual Studio (that technical session was
not well received because it turned out to basically be a sales pitch).

In summary, it was a quite worthwhile week. I'm looking forward
to EclipseCon 2006 which is planned for March 2006 in Santa Clara.


DB/C DX Class Schedule

Class: DB/C DX Fundamentals
Date: May, 2005
Location: to be determined

For information, send email to admin@dbcsoftware.com.


Subscribing to the DB/C Newsletter

If you don't already have the DB/C Newsletter delivered to your email
address and would like to have it emailed to you monthly, just send an
email message to dbcnews-subscribe@dbcsoftware.com. The newsletter will
be delivered to the email address from which the message was sent.

Re: How interesting is Eclipse ... eclipse foundation council members
  • 2005/6/2 22:52

  • asche

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eclipse foundation
council members
the open community driving the eclipse platform
Eclipse council structure

As defined by the Eclipse Development Process, the open source projects are Eclipse are guided and co-ordinated by three Councils:

Requirements: The Requirements Council is responsible for capturing and organizing requirements for all of the projects in the Eclipse community. The Requirements Council reviews and categorizes all of these incoming requirements - from all residents of the Ecosystem - and proposes a coherent set of Themes and Priorities that will drive the Roadmap.

Planning: The Planning Council is responsible for establishing a coordinated Platform Release Plan that supports the Roadmap, and balances the many competing requirements. The Platform Release Plan describes the themes and priorities that focus these Releases, and orchestrates the dependencies among Project Plans.

Architecture: The Architecture Council is responsible for development, articulation and maintenance of the Eclipse Platform Architecture. The Architecture Council produces an Architecture Plan that describes the architecture changes required to achieve these themes and priorities, or required to maintain long-term architectural viability.

Eclipse council documents
As described in the previous section, the Eclipse Development Process calls for the Eclipse Councils to create the Eclipse Roadmap documentation for approval by the Board of Directors. The Eclipse Roadmap V1.0 has now been released. You are invited to discuss the documents on the Eclipse Foundation newsgroup on news://news.eclipse.org/eclipse.foundation .

Requirements council
Paul Clenahan Actuate Strategic Developer
Bjorn Freeman-Benson Eclipse Foundation appointed by Eclipse Foundation
Anurag Gupta Intel Strategic Developer
Boris Kapitanski Serena Software, Inc. Strategic Consumer
John Kellerman IBM Corporation Strategic Developer
Martin Klauss Wind River Strategic Developer
Chris Kolde Borland Strategic Developer
Georg Lenz SAP AG Strategic Consumer
Philip Ma Hewlett-Packard Company Strategic Consumer
Mike Milinkovich* Eclipse Foundation appointed by Eclipse Foundation (chair)
Mike Norman Scapa Technology Strategic Developer
Shane Pearson BEA Strategic Developer
Karl Reti Sybase Strategic Developer
James Saliba Computer Associates Strategic Developer
Melissa Traynor MontaVista Software Strategic Consumer
Minutes of the Requirements Council meetings of the Eclipse Foundation:

Requirements Council Meeting, November 30, 2004 (.pdf)
Requirements Council Meeting, August 31, 2004 (.pdf)

Planning council
Paul Clenahan Actuate BIRT PMC Representative
John Duimovich IBM Corporation Tools PMC Representative
Bjorn Freeman-Benson* Eclipse Foundation appointed by Eclipse Foundation (chair)
Doug Gaff Wind River Strategic Developer
John Graham Sybase Strategic Developer
Richard Gronback Borland Strategic Developer
Kevin Haaland IBM Corporation Platform PMC Representative
Georg Lenz SAP AG Strategic Consumer
Mike Milinkovich Eclipse Foundation appointed by Eclipse Foundation
Mike Norman Scapa Technology Strategic Developer
James Saliba Computer Associates Strategic Developer
Tyler Thessin Intel Test and Performance PMC Representative
Tim Wagner BEA WebTools PMC Representative
TBD Technology PMC Representative
Minutes of the Planning Council meetings of the Eclipse Foundation:

Planning Council Meeting, December 1, 2004 (.pdf)
Planning Council Meeting, September 1, 2004 (.pdf)

Architecture council
John Duimovich IBM Corporation Tools PMC Representative
Bjorn Freeman-Benson* Eclipse Foundation appointed by Eclipse Foundation (chair)
John Graham Sybase Strategic Developer
Richard Gronback Borland Strategic Developer
Kevin Haaland IBM Corporation Platform PMC Representative
Boris Kapitanski Serena Software, Inc Strategic Consumers
Wenfeng Li Actuate BIRT PMC Representative
Mike Milinkovich Eclipse Foundation appointed by Eclipse Foundation
Mike Norman Scapa Technology Strategic Developer
Michael Scharf Wind River Strategic Developer
Harm Sluiman IBM Corporation Test and Performance PMC Representative
Anurag Gupta Intel Strategic Developer
Tim Wagner BEA Strategic Developer
John Wiegand IBM Corporation appointed by Eclipse Foundation
David Williams IBM Corporation WebTools PMC Representative
Alan Young Computer Associates Strategic Developer
TBD Technology PMC Representative
Minutes of the Architecture Council meetings of the Eclipse Foundation:
Architecture Council Meeting, December 2, 2004 (.pdf)
Architecture Council Meeting, September 2, 2004 (.pdf)

Re: How interesting is Eclipse ... Actuate’s Open Source Gambit
  • 2005/6/2 22:45

  • asche

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Actuate’s Open Source Gambit

By Stephen Swoyer

Actuate Corp. last week joined the open-source Eclipse Foundation as a Strategic Developer, where it will rub elbows with the likes of IBM Corp. and Intel Corp as board members for the Eclipse Community.

At the same time, Actuate outlined plans for an open-source end-user reporting environment—called the business intelligence and reporting tool (BIRT)—that will be developed by company technologists in tandem with the Eclipse community. Like all Eclipse software, BIRT will be distributed free of charge. Actuate says BIRT will be the first top-level Eclipse project for the development of applications that have BI and enterprise reporting requirements.

Eclipse, of course, was launched nearly three years ago by IBM, which donated more than $40 million of code to kick start the effort. Big Blue’s goal was to spur the development of a one-size-fits-all integrated development environment (IDE) on which it could base its own WebSphere Studio IDE. Today, IBM takes the base Eclipse IDE, customizes it, and resells it as WebSphere Studio.

It’s likely that Actuate has a similar strategy in mind—although company officials are fuzzy on the details. “BIRT will be available as a download from the Eclipse Web site at no charge,” said Mark Coggins, senior vice-president of engineering with Actuate, in a conference call last week. “We also want to make a commercial offering on top of the BIRT technology,” Coggins confirmed, adding that Actuate is “putting together a product that will be appropriate for embedded Java reporting” that will be similar to its current Formula One offering.

In this respect, then, Actuate is taking a page from the playbooks of both the former Crystal Decisions Inc.—which a decade ago notched a deal to bundle Crystal Reports with Microsoft’s Visual Studio IDE—and Microsoft’s own SQL Server 2000 Reporting Services. The strategy is clear: Many applications have reporting requirements, and in order to address them, developers will tap solutions that are both widely available and easy to use.

In the long term, Actuate will include BIRT in its Actuate iServer reporting and BI platform, which, Coggins said, “will give BIRT access to the services that iServer provides for enterprise reporting,” such as “controlling reports, scheduling reports, [and] having access to a richer set of data sources."

The Eclipse membership roll reads like a Who’s Who of information technology vendors, from IBM and Intel to Oracle and SAP. Eclipse members have expressed varying levels of commitment to the effort, however. Big Blue, for example, markets an Eclipse-based product and has donated both code and hands-on technologists, while Oracle has produced no Eclipse-based products of its own. Instead, the database giant says it joined Eclipse to ensure that applications written in the Eclipse IDE work properly when deployed in Oracle environments. "We want to help anyone, in any environment, build to the Oracle runtime, even if it's not our tools. So for other IDEs, like Borland's JBuilder and Eclipse, we want to make sure that users who have chosen those runtimes and not ours still have a good experience building to the Oracle Application Server and Oracle database,” said Ted Farrell, chief architect for JDeveloper with Oracle, in an interview last December.

Actuate, for its part, has pledged to donate at least seven technologists to the BIRT project. That’s a sizeable commitment from a company that doesn’t have nearly the manpower or cash-on-hand reserves of an IBM, Intel, or Oracle. So what’s in it for Actuate?

"We’re able to attract lots more people into the reporting space," said Mike Thoma, vice-president of product marketing with Actuate, during the same call. Thoma predicts that as many as three million developers could be enticed to download and play around with BIRT. “If Actuate had to bring those three million people to its Web site, at $10 a head, that would be worth $30 million in advertising. … Just by joining Eclipse, we get an immediate bottom-line impact."

According to Thoma, Java developers will benefit most immediately from Actuate’s largesse. “The people that are developing applications have an opportunity to improve the user experience with a lot fewer calories by having embedded Java reporting available to them. The overall process benefits absolutely everyone,” he said. “We end up delivering a solution that was really designed for developers rather than taking a product that was designed by Actuate and putting it in their hands and having them figure it out.”

Thoma also waxed optimistically about the productized enhancements Actuate plans to deliver on top of the open source BIRT code base: “[A]s a result of developing those commercial products, we are going to be a force for a long period of time, and therefore continue to develop and expand the BIRT product."

Wayne Eckerson, director of The Data Warehousing Institute, says that Actuate has done much over the last 24 months to plug holes in its existing product line-up. “The only gap left is an end-user query [and] reporting tool, a la [Business Objects’] WebIntelligence, Hyperion Intelligence, etc.,” he notes. “It's probably a smart move to support an open-source BI tool directed at this target market. It takes on its top BI competitors by attacking their soft underbelly: the high license and maintenance fees they charge. So perhaps the strategy here is to hurt the leading BI competitors rather than to compete directly against them, while also plugging a gap in their lineup.”

Re: How interesting is Eclipse ... Actuate Leads Open Source Reporting System Initiative
  • 2005/6/2 22:35

  • asche

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http://www.intelligententerprise.com/ ... .jhtml?articleID=47901160

Actuate Leads Open Source Reporting System Initiative
Strategic developer partnership with eclipse foundation brings reporting to Java IDE and developer base.

By Eric Rogge


Actuate announces that it has joined the Eclipse Foundation as a strategic developer and board member. A completely new open-source reporting system will be contributed by Actuate to the Eclipse project portfolio. This project, called Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools (BIRT), is one of six major project initiatives for the foundation and is expected to be available for use 2005. BIRT would be an addition to Eclipse's already leading Java Integrated Development Environment (IDE). For Actuate, this initiative builds awareness of its products within the open source and application development communities. Through the arrangement with Eclipse, Actuate will launch commercial products based upon BIRT within one year of BIRT's availability (2005).

On August 24th, 2004, Actuate Corporation announced that it has joined the Eclipse open source foundation as a strategic developer and a member of the board. Further, Actuate has proposed a new open source development project called Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools (BIRT). This proposal intends to give Actuate a strategic advantage in the BI market by being the first BI vendor to offer (indirectly) an open source reporting software product.

Actuate's Eclipse proposal will be available to the public for review and comment within 30 days of the announcement date (August 24th, 2004) on the Eclipse web site. If this project is ultimately approved by the Eclipse board, it will be the first top-level Eclipse project for the development of applications that include business intelligence and enterprise reporting functionality. Actuate claims the source code will be developed anew, meaning no existing Actuate product code will be included. This will be comprised of three parts; a report development tool (written in Java), a report file definition standard (using XML), and a report execution engine (written in Java). The project will support Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. No commitments were made by Actuate concerning its implementation of other complimentary BI capabilities such as the recently announced EII, web or Microsoft Excel based ad-hoc query and reporting.

Eclipse has gained significant traction in the market with its Java IDE (Integrated Development Environment) and claims to have had over 29 million downloads from its site by over 640,000 organizations spanning 125 countries from the last 24 months. Its Java IDE has the largest market share, greater than IBM WebSphere Studio. This announcement is significant in that thousands, if not millions of Java developers will gain access to a new, license-fee free reporting technology.

If Eclipse developers choose to enhance BIRT and submit those enhancements, the quality of the code will be high and its usability will grow over time. A key aspect of the Eclipse model is the mandate for commercial products from corporate sponsors based on its open-source projects. Actuate fully intends to leverage this mandate, with commercial products planned for the Formula One brand (via its ReportingEngines subsidiary) and its Actuate iServer brand. While not stated explicitly, there will likely be a streamlined migration path to Actuate's core products. In fact, Actuate views this new initiative in part as a marketing vehicle, improving company awareness and product trial and familiarity. Its bet is that it can demonstrate sufficient value from its BIRT-derived commercial products to entice developers to license them.

Market Impact
It is unlikely that customers intending to license a business intelligence solution in the immediate future from a leading vendor (Actuate or otherwise) will postpone that purchase based upon Actuate's Eclipse announcement, because no new software is available. Yet this announcement raises the visibility of Actuate in the business intelligence and open source communities, as Actuate is the first significant BI vendor with an open source alternative.

Certainly, BIRT can become a preferred alternative when embedding reporting capabilities into other applications. This is a growing (but currently small) sector of the reporting technology market, especially because reports are more frequently deployed as part of operational applications. As no other leading BI vendor has initiated a similar open source project, this provides Actuate first-mover advantage.

Actuate's project may impact other open source-based reporting software, but these software products constitute a small part of the reporting market. Importantly, open source has not been a key requirement for mainstream reporting software purchases. The success of this approach will hinge upon the trade-off between upgrade convenience to Actuate's BIRT-derived commercial software and any significant advantages offered by reporting software from other competitors. Nonetheless, growing a cadre of developers who can easily upgrade to Actuate will aid Actuate in its efforts to build awareness.

For now, IT managers who are responsible for deploying BI solutions should continue with their plans for near term deployments. Developers who intend to deploy embedded Java-based reporting should review and comment on the Actuate proposal if they see the proposed project as advantageous. (Bear in mind that BIRT is only reporting and not a complete BI platform yet.)

When it becomes available sometime in 2005, BIRT can serve two purposes: provide a low-cost way to prototype embedded reporting and provide a low-cost way to embed reporting for small-scale use (5-200 users). Organizations will need to understand the cost and value of upgrading to Actuate's commercial products and take on source code maintenance if the BIRT platform is the only utilized application. Ventana Research believes at some time in 2005 or 2006, other vendors will be available to provide support and maintenance for BIRT.

Eric Rogge is VP & Research Director - Business Intelligence & Performance Management at Ventana Research (www.ventanaresearch.com), a research and advisory services firm.

Any more info about Actuate joining Eclipse?
search-anyfinder-for- actuate+eclipse+birt+microsoft+java+2005

Re: How interesting is Eclipse ... Zend, NuSphere and IntelliJ
  • 2005/5/27 22:28

  • asche

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Hi Mithrandir,

how dou you compare Zend, NuSphere and IntelliJ?

After digging into Eclipse - and being surprised that Eclipse is no.1 ide (at least after jboss donating jbuilder to eclipse) - I wonder what is the ultimate tool (besides Eclipse, because it is opensource)?

Tools make php shine

java jams: five IDEs tested

Re: database administration tool - alternative for phpadmin?
  • 2005/5/26 13:52

  • asche

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thanks tedsmith,

I tried MySQL administrator in the meantime and I can ping the db server allright (parameters seem to be allright).

But I receive error:
Could not connect to the specified instance
mySQL error number 1045
access denied for user ...

So I would be able to establish the remote connection, but I lack privileges. Is anybody administering his remote database with tools other then phpadmin in a shared hosting environment? Or is it the same company policy everywhere and I must look for dedicated hosting then?

Is there any better remote alternative for phpadmin possible?

Re: database administration tool - alternative for phpadmin?
  • 2005/5/26 11:28

  • asche

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looking for possibilities to export and import resultsets
from my database host I try to install EMS MySql Manager:


Following problems occured trying to connect to the remote database:
I can connect with EMS (http-tunneling ?) with url
http://...ip...:2082/3rdparty/phpMyAdmin/index.php all right,
but I receive error http: mailformed responce < doctype html public ..."

I use the same connection parameters as in links below with following exeptions:
port: 2082, http address, user: user_name, db: db_name:

http://sqlmanager.net/products/mysql/ ... documentation/hs1480.html
Edit Database Registration Info
-> Question: Port 3306 is default -> must I set port 2082 like in url (I tried both, but error is the same "mailformed responce")

http://sqlmanager.net/products/mysql/ ... documentation/hs1540.html
Setting HTTP tunnel options

These questions I asked at surpass hosting and basically got the answer:
"The program will not be installed on the server since it is not supported by cpanel. You will need to make sure when connecting this software that you add your local ip address to the MySQL section of your cpanel. You may also need to add new users to your database if this program requires a username and password".

Can anybody put together the pieces how I con conect to my remote database with EMS MySql Manager?

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