Protector Module: Where's the db backup interface? (Should be DB backup & restore, sorry!!)
  • 2005/9/15 17:42

  • Tobias

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This might be the silliest question ever asked on this forum. At least it seems that, since I couldn't find it posted anywhere, I'm probably the only person who couldn't figure it out. But since I really don't figure it out, I dare asking it anyway:

How do I use the db backup function in XOOPS Protector. In installation instructions, it says something about a protector block one has to activate or setup, yet I don't find any block in the blocks management. Also, the Protector menues I do have don't link to any db backup page.

I should mention I've XOOPS 2.2.3 installed, perhaps the block really doesn't show up? If that is so, is there a way to call the backup directly from URL?

Well, so much. Sorry again if this is a terribly stupid problem.

Edited: So it was worse than me being stupid, not talking about Protector, but about DB backup & restore

Re: imagemanager doesn't work
  • 2005/9/13 21:27

  • Tobias

  • Not too shy to talk

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  • Since: 2005/9/13

Hehe, Thanks from me as well, also for asking. I wasn't at all aware there's something like an imagemanager admin section, it's a little hidden in the Misc. Tools. Has cost me a night's sleep. Don't get me wrong, I'm new to XOOPS and probably don't get the deeper logic behind things, but some of the options are a little spread all over the place. Anyways, great project, and I love it.



konaafob wrote:
oops!! thats simple.. yeah it solved my problem
Thanks a lot.

-- Kona

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