Re: php nuke modules to xoops

Thanks for the responses. I have now gathered some documentation from both XOOPS and Php Nuke that might help me. I am going to start some testing and see what happens. If I am successful I will release the modules here.

php nuke modules to xoops

I have searched and searched but cannot find any documentation on converting nuke modules to xoops. Is there any documentation out there?

Re: Agenda-X White Screen

No I don't use the cpanel interface for that. I have heard that's not good. I edited the line breaks as you suggested and all is well. Thank you for your quick reply!

Agenda-X White Screen

I get this error

Warning [PHP]: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at modules/net2ftp/language/english/modinfo.php:40) in file modules/agendax/index.php line 726

when I try to access Agenda-X. Actually it started by telling me that the camportal module already sent the headers so I deactivated that. Then it told me it was the guestbook module so I deactivated that. Now it's telling me this. Any ideas on why this keeps happening?

Re: How many women uses xoops?


EMSguy wrote:
Ok you all said queens! As a gay man I realise that there are probably alot of gay "nerds" out here! Even in cyberspace we are in the closet. Unless its a gay chat room

I being one of them, so when you say XOOPS queens, well, um guess I raise my hand. lol

While I do not agree with that lifestyle I am lmao right now!

Re: XOOPS is forked (OT)


ladon wrote:
Pretty easy reply don't you think? Don't mean to flame you or anything, but just saying FIX IT shows your complete lack of understanding concerning open source as a whole and XOOPS as a part of it. Even without understanding those things you must at least understand that if it were that simple, it would have al been solved/changed bij now.

As geeks, nerd, coders, or whatever we have a way of over complicating things sometimes. The issues I stated are easy to fix if everyone WORKS TOGETHER.

As for my "complete lack of understanding concerning open source as a whole and XOOPS as a part of it" I'm not real sure why you felt the need to question my understanding of these things but you don't know how wrong you are and I'm going to leave it at that.

Re: Google ads

I can't access your site from work (all .tk is blocked for some reason)but I would say that it is from your host and there is nothing you can do about that except find a different host.

Re: XOOPS is forked (OT)

I've been using XOOPS for about six moths or so and I love it. All of this talk about forks and stuff really makes me wish I never got into Xoops. I don't want to have to install three different versions to find out which is best. I don't want to have to make that choice to use one over the other. What would I be miising with one over the other?

It makes no since to me why everyone doesn't work together on one to make it better. The things I have read say that communication is the biggest problem. FIX IT! Unicode or whatever.... FIX IT! Security issues and patches not applied.... FIX IT! The other thing that I have noticed is the XOOPS community crying out saying they want the same as I do and no one seems to listen. FIX IT!

I'm off to opensourcecms.com......

Is it possible???

Is it possible to use XOOPS and in an iframe have a completly different site in it?

For example mydomain.com leads to the XOOPS installation and a link to a shop in the menu when clicked on would lead to a affiliate shop of some kind. In the iframe were the shop is you could navigate around the shop but the XOOPS instalation would never change until a link from the menu in XOOPS is clicked. Is this possible?

Re: army/bf1942

not even a guide out there huh?

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