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Home away from home
Posted on: 2004/6/2 10:39
tedsmith (Show more)
Home away from home
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Accessing Multiple Files with one click

Hi everyone

Please can someone help.

I need to be able to click on a link in my XOOPS site that relates to a storage folder on the network. What I then want is for the user to view what files are in the folder. The reason for this is software - we are a small team of 8 who buy multiple licenses of software, and then place the installation data in a folder. The software may be a zip folder, with a text file with instructions. I only want one link to the folder containing these files, rather than two links - one for each file.

I gather that such a facility exists in the download area of PostNuke, but I'd rather stick with XOOPS - it seems brilliant in comparison, but my manager is making demands that may result in us using PostNuke!

Please can anyone help with this? In summary

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