Re: Header hack, why a hack?

I love it, maybe in time for 2.1? - either way I have a related question;

this just assigns it to an array and makes it ..._up, or ..._down

if ( $block_arr[$i]->getVar('weight') < 10)

what would happen if I modified my template to use that statement loop for the upper, ie = <10, and the use another statement at the bottom for = >10 ?

I would think that would work, but I haven't tried it yet. - and I'm not a real pro with php at all, I just gather what the jist of the statement is.

edit - eh, but I see they modify the header.php file to get the if statement in there, could that be done on a theme level?

I don't know the theme.html context weill enough to include that - without just a <php statement, and that seems cluttered.

News 1.3 - great, but...

I love the "upload file" function of the new news module. I've already added .mp3 to the mime types so that my users can upload audio, however; I would like to make the audio link show up on the index page, right now the users have to click the "read more"-type link in order to get the "Attached files:" to show up.

I've tried modifying the templates and it seems that there are calls in article.php that are not included in the index.php file; does anyone know specifically how to make this possible?

Thank you for your time.

Header hack, why a hack?

I found a hack here, (sorry I can't find it again, or I'd post the link top it) It allows a designer to place any blocks numbered below 10 above the module, and anything numbered above 10 gets put at the bottom of the page. - is there an "xoops way" of doing this - it seems that it would be a high-demand thing. I love XOOPS for so many reasons, but the all-or-nothing approach to placing the center blocks seems a little primitive.

So am I just missing something, or is this the norm?

If so, is there a simple faq on hacking this for any theme?

Re: Empty space between text and pics - NEWS STORIES ONLY

OK, goto your templates and modify the news_item.html file - at the top add:

<style type="text/css">
img {border0margin5px;}

this will just add the margin to the img's in the news section.

- hope this helps, if you don't know how to edit your templates, use the cool googley-thingy on the right.


edit: it DOES add that element to the entire theme, so I guess it's still not "News Module" specific.

Re: How to stop autoplay with Mediashow

The "Mediashow" way of doing this would be to go into the System Admin/Blocks section, then "edit" your mediashow audio (or video) block. You'll see the form you were saying you couldn't find.
It's not in the perfect form of English, but gets the point across:

* 0 = Off -1 = On Certaines options ne fonctionne pas avec Mozilla - Certain options does not function with Mozilla

Largeur : pixel
Hauteur : pixel
Autostart *:
Autosize *:
Balance :
BufferingTime :
ShowStatusBar *:
Volume :
Showcontrols* :
Showaudiocontrols* :

I found this by accident, and I was about to use your method when I stumbled on it. - Hope this helps.

Re: Allow anonymous users to view registered user profiles?

You know, I really can't remember what I did, it must have been more than a month ago, but here's the differences between my weird userinfo.php and the original:

if ( !$xoopsUser ) {

//was inserted before:

if (is_object($xoopsUser)) {


right near the top of the file. Not sure if that's what did it, but that's the ONLY difference between original and the one that was blocking anon from viewing user profiles.

Hope that helps, sorry I don't know much.

Re: Front page?

You'll need to make the custom block first, then go into admin-->Groups, Modify the Anonymous Users Group, to see the block. then modify all the other groups to NOT see the block.

this way you'll get an "entrance message" block for anonymous users, but once they login/register, it goes away.

Re: Allow anonymous users to view registered user profiles?

AHH Your Rock!!

I must have changed something in the userinfo.php file at some point, because I re-uploaded the original, and it works fine.

anon can search, AND VIEW our registered users.

Thank you!!

Allow anonymous users to view registered user profiles?

Sorry, I couldn't get to the FAQ mentioned above..

I want to allow an anonymous user to view (not edit of course) any registered user's profile, I know about admin-->groups-->anonymous etc.. the rest of the site is very anon-friendly, and anon's can run the search form, even see the search results, but when they click on a persons profile, it goes to the "Sorry, you don't have permission.." page.

My site is http://www.kxro.com any help would be greatly apprecciated

Thank you,


Re:Before you post a question, check here first!

It looks like http://www.digicomplex.com/wffaq/index.php has removed thier FAQ section?
I just want anonymous users to see my user profiles........

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