How to stop autoplay with Mediashow
  • 2005/1/10 12:17

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I am using Mediashow 1.1 (is 1.5 ready yet ?) and it works fine. However, it always autoplays whenever I open my site. I don't want this to happen.
How do I turn off the autoplay, I do not see any admin settings in the module or something. I did see that in mediashow_bloc.php there is a line saying:

<param name='AutoStart' value='$options[2]'>

but where does it get the settings for $options[2] from ? Where do I change these options ?

I have tried forcing this value to -1,0 and 1 but it still autstarts with any of these settings.

Please help.

P.S. I translated (not much too translate ;) ) this module to Dutch (Nederlands) so if you are interested, let me know.

Re: How to stop autoplay with Mediashow
  • 2005/1/12 20:55

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No one an idea ?

Winsion ?

Re: How to stop autoplay with Mediashow
  • 2005/1/16 11:59

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Well I managed to do it myself.....partialy.

Appartantly there should be some kind of form somewhere where you can set the values for the options, but apparantly this doesn't work for me...so I set the values in the xoops_version.php file.
$modversion['blocks'][1]['options'] = "150|140|-1|-1|-1|-1|5|-1|-20|-1|-1";

These are the options, numbered 0,1,2 etc.
So I had to change the third value (option 2).
Then you have to update the module through the XOOPS admin.

This now works for internet explorer, but with Firefox, it STILL autoplays, and I really wonder why, since also here the same windows media player is started....

O well.....

Re: How to stop autoplay with Mediashow

The "Mediashow" way of doing this would be to go into the System Admin/Blocks section, then "edit" your mediashow audio (or video) block. You'll see the form you were saying you couldn't find.
It's not in the perfect form of English, but gets the point across:

* 0 = Off -1 = On Certaines options ne fonctionne pas avec Mozilla - Certain options does not function with Mozilla

Largeur : pixel
Hauteur : pixel
Autostart *:
Autosize *:
Balance :
BufferingTime :
ShowStatusBar *:
Volume :
Showcontrols* :
Showaudiocontrols* :

I found this by accident, and I was about to use your method when I stumbled on it. - Hope this helps.



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