Re: XOOPS on Softpedia


new version of tcpdf is available


TCPDF_for_xoops version 1.05 is available for download here.

Minimum required : PHP 5.2 & Xoops 2.5

tcpdf_for_xoops Frameworks for XOOPS is to generate PDF files from the pages of your site. This version is based on version 5.9.180 of project tcpdf.org.
The Frameworks comes without makepdf.php files, you can consult the dedicated section to find the file you need makepdf.php.


Main features
- all standard page formats, custom page formats, custom margins and units of measure.
- UTF-8 Unicode and Right-To-Left languages.
- methods to publish some XHTML + CSS code, Javascript and Forms.
- images, graphic (geometric figures) and transformation methods.
- supports JPEG, PNG and SVG images natively, all images supported by GD (GD, GD2,
GD2PART, GIF, JPEG, PNG, BMP, XBM, XPM) and all images supported via
ImagMagick (http: www.imagemagick.org/www/formats.html).
- 1D and 2D barcodes: CODE 39, ANSI MH10.8M-1983, USD-3, 3 of 9, CODE 93, USS-93,
Standard 2 of 5, Interleaved 2 of 5, CODE 128 A/B/C, 2 and 5 Digits UPC-Based Extention,
EAN 8, EAN 13, UPC-A, UPC-E, MSI, POSTNET, PLANET, RMS4CC (Royal Mail 4-state Customer Code),
CBC (Customer Bar Code), KIX (Klant index - Customer index), Intelligent Mail Barcode,
Datamatrix ECC200, QR-Code, PDF417.
- ICC Color Profiles, Grayscale, RGB, CMYK, Spot Colors and Transparencies.
- automatic page header and footer management.
- document encryption up to 256 bit and digital signature certifications.
- transactions to UNDO commands
- PDF annotations, including links, text and file attachments.
- text rendering modes (fill, stroke and clipping).
- multiple columns mode.
- no-write page regions.
- bookmarks and table of content.
- text hyphenation.
- text stretching and spacing (tracking/kerning).
- automatic page break, line break and text alignments including justification.
- automatic page numbering and page groups.
- move and delete pages.
- page compression (requires php-zlib extension).
- XOBject templates.
- PDF/A-1b (ISO 19005-1:2005) support.

Installation : Simply copy the directory "tcpdf" in "./Frameworks"

Update : Just overwrite the files and directories with the new versions.

Additional fonts are available here (TChinese, schinese, Japanese, Arabic, etc ...)

You can find the documentaion on this page

Re: News 1.67 Final released for XOOPS 2.5.5


If somebody can work on it it would be great.

a new version is under preparation.
- tcpdf class : 5.9176 -> 5.9.179
- gestion of multi-language

I would see to incorporate certain features or wishes listed here

Expected release: next Monday

Re: News 1.67 Final released for XOOPS 2.5.5

anyway, I'm going to need the list to add the option of multi-language (this is also why all the files have been renamed)

Re: News 1.67 Final released for XOOPS 2.5.5

can you give me the collation of your MySQL database and tables 'prefix_stories' ?

Re: News 1.67 Final released for XOOPS 2.5.5

I can do tests Xoops 2.5.6 when I get 5 minutes available (next weekend). Possible test on server iso-8859-1, iso-8859-15 and UTF-8.

But PHP version is not too high ?

Debian does not offer a version 5.3.3 in the standard installation for production servers.
Few of the host offers PHP 5.4.5

Re: News 1.68 Beta 1 released for XOOPS 2.5.5

@irmtfan, see here. this causes problems with sites having a charset iso-8859-1

Re: News 1.67 Final released for XOOPS 2.5.5


2.5.6 & 2.6.0 must support only UTF-8. Those thing was planed for 2.4.x, but still is not fully implemented. There is no coexistence between utf-8 and iso, both are not acceptable. There was several reasons in past to hack 2.0.18 and to provide additional patches with every translation made in UTF-8 by me for 2.0 core. ISO is no longer welcome anywhere.

100% agree with you.
Xoops 2.5.6 or 2.6 when released; tcpdf_for_xoops will support the UTF-8 only (the version is ready).
Meanwhile, tcpdf_for_xoops handles charsets UTF-8 & ISO

Thanks irmtfan.
I already try, but this solution is valid for one site 100% UTF-8.
I have character problems with ISO-8859-1.

Re: News 1.67 Final released for XOOPS 2.5.5

charset of the files in the directory ./Frameworks/tcpdf/config/lang are different from the charset of the document. Define them in these files match the make, not the document

Re: News 1.67 Final released for XOOPS 2.5.5

I will put everyone agrees


But i think it is better to define that _RTL in xoops and then remove Frameworks/tcpdf/config/lang/*.php

The idea is attractive but TCPDF is natively designed for UTF-8. All these files are in UTF-8. TCPDF manages and displays the ISO charset automatically.

Global.php file can be in UTF-8 but also by ISO. The fact inject ISO files in the configuration of TCPDF disturbs the automatic detection and causes display bugs (we return to the original problem)


Also one thing that i forgot.
It can not read the [en] [/en] and [fa] [/fa] codes.
I mean when the website is english it just should makepdf from english content and vice verse.

this is a problem that I noticed. TCPDF does not detect the change of language natively. I plan to add this feature in the next version of tcpdf_for_xoops.


Black_beard, whatever you choose, I hope that it will reflect the structure of TCPDF files, i.e. if the next version of TCPDF comes out, we only need to copy the selected files to the /Frameworks/tcpdf directory, and we are done, i.e. we don't have to make any changes to any files, and we don't have to change directories.

Compared to the original version of TCPDF, I modified some files to fit Xoops.
- Files in the directory. / Tcpdf / config / lang / have been renamed. This poses no problem, they are rarely changed.
- I have lightened the class files, history of weight divided by 2 (by some 3). One can easily recover the original files but they are bigger Lots.
- The file "tcpdf_config.php" is the only one where it will make adaptation (but it is rarely changed)

Optimization is my priority. The choices I made in adapting the code I was allowed to reduce memory consumption by 56% and reduce execution time by 36% (baseline version VS version 1.03 of tcpdf_for_xoops)


My guide to use _RTL =true/false can help to have less conflicts with newer versions of TCPDF.

It is perhaps for Xoops. But increases the risk of conflict between ISO and UTF-8 (see above) in Tcpdf_for_xoops


but only about the directory structure and ease of updates in the future!

The company that I lead will just follow up and updates of these frameworks (I use it for my clients).
I'm busy has put online wiki (french / english) to make best use tcpdf_for_xoops (see here, the site is still in draft form).


A good example is TinyMCE: I can just copy the files except the src. files and I am ready to go. I hope, we can achieve the same with TCPDF, i.e. we can just copy over the files from a new TCPDF release without the need to modify any files on XOOPS.

This is my vision of labor.
The hours of work cost a very expensive


no need for them and it makes the work more cleaner. we can read them from xoops!

I'll repeat myself. Xoops is written in iso or utf-8. The day will be 100% Xoops utf-8, we can remove some lines of code. Meanwhile, we must ensure coexistence between utf-8 and iso.*/

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