New responsive theme for xoops - xSimpleblocks

Hi guys :)

Why I cant submit news..
ok, anyway, Mamba is wrong hehe :)


There is new responsive theme for our lovely xoops :P

This one is looks like others, my first - xsimplegrid, but its really quite different

- there is smart fast menu with almost automated links to our instaled modules, user login or not, new messages, admin menu link
- there is simple top sliders for home and content pages
- parallax image between top and bottom blocks
- as usual background sliders for system and contents
- little breadcrumb over contents
- automated custom banner if system banner is off
- as usual fine social and search fields at the bottom
- OK and most important - mani, mani different blocks configuration:
The is 25 possible, different top (bottom) block configuration on the themplate, 12 bottom (top) and 5 for footer blocks
(see usage.txt and screenshots in docs folder, also you can view now in the demo - gallery)

The theme is clean for w3 validation, simple to use for own projects and as I believe looks modern and 100% responsive for mobile and tablets.

Just use it! :) :P


pls, contribut it in github

10x and viva XOOPS :)

Re: enable https ssl for entire site

Yep, the same, both fields exist.. but I hope to cheat google as I remove "type=hidden". In all cases this warnings are improper, but are real and may harm our sites, for seo at least.

First I checked hows on in wordpress, they have removed "hidden", not exist in any field. Than I decide to remove it also, I dont know, maybe google just hate this word "hidden" :)

For browser version, I dont know what is actual, I use only firefox, but this security warning (in gwt) was only few days ago.

OK Im good tester and will test what will happen with "display:none" :)

Re: enable https ssl for entire site

Hi guys :)

Im not sure if the method "type hidden" in input fields is old or correct, at all, but I had warned by chrome56 (google wt) for this field in our search form:
<input type="hidden" name="action" value="results"/>
They thinks that this action in non ssl sites is non secured collection of user data, like passwds, card and etc.
So we should change this method in all themes to be "modern" and solicitous for the data of our users :)
Personaly, I changed with <input type="text" name="action" value="results" style="display:none"/> so far its no affect wc3 validation and chrome warnings (I hope)
If anyone have better or more correct way to do that, I think it will be useful for all

Re: ocaholic.ch/it/fr/co.uk/net with heavily modified xBootstrap Theme

Looks cool, I like it :)

Re: Xoops.org re-designed

I think that the current theme is not bad, really.
My personal opinion about any responsive design is that its not suitable for multicontent, multitext and big info site at all. Responsive design is for presentation sites, designer, pictures, videos and etc.
One new theme is very very hard work, not just from volunteers, needed real professionals :)

Re: Happy Holidays! :)

just come to Bulgaria :)))

Merry Christmas to all xoops fans!

Wish you best, health and luck!

Re: New responsive theme for XOOPS

Thanks Mamba :)

I have created xsimplegrid2 to be finished my ideas for this theme.
There is many changes - other sliders, "fast" menu is in the header, mobile changes and others..

You can download here:http://eunion.info/xoops/xsimplegrid/xsimplegrid2.zip
You can view from theme menu (there is both versions)

Mamba, but please xsimplegrid2 in github also, I hope people to contribute


New responsive theme for XOOPS

Hi guys, here you are my first theme.

This theme is based on simplegrid css, little simple, but I think its modern

Resized Image

name: xsimplegrid

Happy holidays

Re: Rating system in publisher module

Sorting system working fine without bugs :)

Mamba, to not start new topic, I want to ask you for problem with "date to date" block. When I trying to edit in admin panel I had blank page. This happens in all publisher versions I have

Other thing (but not very important) - I cant set cyrillic characters for pdf - for tcpdf. I tried everything, other fonts, ignore page format, call MB and etc..


Re: Problem after upgrade 2.4.4 to 2.5.7

Hi Angelo :))

I had the same problem when up 2.4.0 to 2.5.5
When submit new story shows 1970..

After hours reading here :) I found solution for me, esp for module news.
in language/yourlang/calendar.php put at the top of lines:

Hope work for you too

If not, the problem surely in time format, when time format is wrong shows 1970y
You need just some time to find the problem

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