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XOOPS 2.5.6 RC 1 Released for Testing on PHP 5.4

Posted by Mamba on 2013/3/27 14:00:00 (7017 reads) | Posted on XOOPS
After close to 45,000 downloads of XOOPS 2.5.5, we're getting closer to release of our next version: XOOPS 2.5.6

As more and more hosts are switching to PHP 5.4.x, some of our users are having issues with XOOPS 2.5.5, since it was not certified for PHP 5.4.x

Therefore we will be releasing XOOPS 2.5.6, that will run without any problems on PHP 5.4.x

Please note: the fact that the XOOPS Core runs correctly on PHP 5.4.x, doesn't mean that all your modules will run correctly, therefore you'll need to test them.

However, the recently released modules that qualify for our Basic Module Pack, are all tested on PHP 5.4.13, and they should run just fine.

There will be more modules coming soon (see this list)

For all others, please let us know about any issues you might have.

Download: SourceForge File Repository.

Please remember: This is RC Release version for features testing only!!!!

DO NOT install it on a production site and DO NOT upgrade any production site with it!!!

Please post and discuss all issues related to this release in this thread

XOOPS Development Team
March 27th, 2013

Changelog for RC1:

- Array to string conversion (geekwright/mamba)
- issues with missing xoopscomments table (geekwright/sabahan/Mamba)
- bug with using reference for non-variables (geekwright/mamba)
- number of users when "all groups" selected was wrong (tatane/mamba)
- fix for potential lack of rendering css and javascript in Installer on the last screen (culex)
- fix for missing Protector logo under PHP 5.4 (mamba)
- replacing ereg with preg_match in userutility.php (pmartina/paul)
- #1219 dhtmltextarea editor accent not displayed (cesag/alain091)
- added missing call for user language in /profile/index.php (xoobaru/zyspec)

Security fixes
- XSS/CSRF vulnerability in system/admin/groupperm.php (Dingjie Yang,Qualys/trabis)
- XSS/CSRF vulnerability in system/modulesadmin/main.php (Dingjie Yang,Qualys/trabis)
- XSS/CSRF vulnerability in system/admin/blocksadmin/main.php (Marcin,Ariko-Security Team/trabis)
- LFI vulnerability in system/admin/tplsets/jquery.php (Marcin,Ariko-Security Team/trabis)

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Great news!

In Brazil:
Published: 2013/3/28 23:14 • Updated: 2013/3/28 23:14
Please, if possible, reinsert the CKEditor in the default package of XOOPS.
Have tried all manner puts it manually, but without success.
Published: 2013/3/29 22:13 • Updated: 2013/3/29 22:13
More than this, we must create a php code that automatically detect editors who are placed in the xoopseditor

At this time we can't do this automatically
Published: 2013/3/30 5:40 • Updated: 2013/3/30 5:40
Please, if possible, reinsert the CKEditor in the default package of XOOPS.

We provide only TinyMCE as the default HTML editor. CKEditor is provided as one of many non-supported Editor options that you can download from SourceForge SVN

we must create a php code that automatically detect editors who are placed in the xoopseditor. At this time we can't do this automatically

Maybe I misunderstood what you're looking for, but we can do it for each module by creating a drop-down menu in Preferences that will be automatically populated with available Editors.

To do so, add something like this in the xoops_version.php:

 * Which editor to use ?
$modversion['config'][$i]['name'] = 'editor_options';
$modversion['config'][$i]['title'] = "_MI_BOOX_EDITOR_OPTIONS";
$modversion['config'][$i]['description'] = '';
$modversion['config'][$i]['formtype'] = 'select';
$modversion['config'][$i]['valuetype'] = 'text';
$modversion['config'][$i]['default'] = 'dhtml';
$editor_handler XoopsEditorHandler::getInstance();
$modversion['config'][$i]['options'] = array_flip($editor_handler->getList());

With this you can select an Editor in Preferences, which you can then use when you create a form.
Published: 2013/3/30 6:52 • Updated: 2013/3/30 6:56
The problem may be that not everyone has that code in their modules, so we must adopt this standard code for all modules
Published: 2013/3/30 7:04 • Updated: 2013/3/30 7:04
Of course, that's part of updating modules
At least that's what I am doing in all the modules that I am updating! One additional feature that should be in every module is to have separate selection for the Admin, and for the User, so the Admin might have an HTML Editor, while the user will have just a regular text editor.
Published: 2013/3/30 7:38 • Updated: 2013/3/30 7:38
Kris updated CKEditor for XOOPS to version 4.1, and I've just uploaded it to our SourceForge SVN. You can download it from there.

I just tested it and it seems to work just fine on XOOPS 2.5.6
Published: 2013/3/30 9:34 • Updated: 2013/3/30 9:34
I hate publishing this kind of discussion in a news release comment but....

Wouldn't it be better if the core had a Preference for the admin to select the editor of choice for guest, registered and admin users? Better yet would be a setting to be able to set this per group. As a site administrator I only want to have to set this once and then each module would pick that up from the core Preference setting.

Setting this in each module requires every module to implement it and potentially takes away from system wide consistency for the site if the admin doesn't set it the same in each module. Why would an admin select an editor for one type of module and a different editor for a different module?
Published: 2013/3/30 19:05 • Updated: 2013/3/30 19:05
When I get done with the PDO connector I will revive the Install thread (If one exists) and discuss further options I plan to add to the current Install script I have been working on. While I finish up that script I will also put out a request for additions to groups. Please watch for this and remind me about this so I can look into it.

Since I will be looking to revamp groups to hopefully be included into 2.6.1 that would be a great time to add something like this as well.
Published: 2013/4/1 4:22 • Updated: 2013/4/1 4:28