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XOOPS 2.5 Basic Module Pack - Beta 1: ready for testing & feedback

Posted by Mamba on 2011/7/13 7:10:00 (21872 reads) | Posted on Modules
The XOOPS 2.5 Basic Module Pack is still a work in progress, but we wanted to get your feedback.


The XOOPS Basic Module Pack builds on the "Blue Move" initiative to update various XOOPS modules.

Resized Image

And as we were doing it, it made sense to create a standard GUI for them, utilizing the same icons and showing similar behavior with the goal that once you know one XOOPS module, it will be very easy to work with any other.

Originally we took the GUI idea from the TDM Team's modules, but while we were working on implementing it, Mage came up with a ModuleAdmin class that generates the whole Admin GUI based solely on the Menu definitions in /admin/menu.php and data in xoops_version.php file - see the simplified diagram:

Resized Image


Currently there are following modules in the Pack:

- Contact
- extCal
- extGallery
- fmContent
- Marquee
- MyLinks
- News
- Tag
- XoopsFaq
- XoopsPartners
- XoopsPoll
- PM
- Profile
- Protector
- Mastop_Go2

The final version might have some changes to the list.

IMPORTANT: This is BETA, therefore please DO NOT install these modules over your existing production sites.

Please note that this Basic Module Pack is exclusively for XOOPS 2.5.x and it requires PHP 5.2+

INSTALLATION Just copy all the files to your XOOPS main directory. There are files for your /class, /Frameworks, and /modules directories. Once done, go to Admin and install the modules of your choice.

TESTING: Please focus on two areas:

- regular bugs
- user experience (is the new GUI more user friendly? How can we improve it?)

Where do we go from here?

Once we get your feedback, we'll finalize this Module Pack, and will focus on other modules, to update our other packs:

- Community Pack
- Internet Pack
- Company Pack
- Commerce Pack

But we'll need your help in that

THANKS: I would like to express my special thanks and appreciation to:

- Mage
- Voltan
- Zyspec

who were most instrumental in creating this module pack. Of course, there were many other people who helped in testing and by providing feedback. To all of you: THANK YOU!

DOWNLOAD: from SourceForge

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Please provide feedback and report bugs in this Thread
Published: 2011/7/13 7:09 • Updated: 2011/7/13 7:09
Good news mamba!
For highlights, will add something?
(Mastop Go2, spothlight etc ...)
Published: 2011/7/13 12:31 • Updated: 2011/7/13 12:31
1. Contact.
No image in /Frameworks/moduleclasses/moduleadmin/images/admin/about.png

Resized Image

2. eXtCal.

Resized Image
Published: 2011/7/13 12:59 • Updated: 2011/7/13 13:12
@ mactep:

1) Contact is fixed, please download from SourceForge SVN. I'll also upload the zip file.

2) extCal: I couldn't reproduce it. What's your configuration? Anybody else seeing the same?
Published: 2011/7/13 14:34 • Updated: 2011/7/13 14:34
1. And where \Frameworks\moduleclasses\moduleadmin ???

2. Days of week are taken from a computer operating system.
On the computer Russian language and the charset 1251
The module tested on a virtual host (XAMPP, PHP 5.3.1 XOOPS 2.5.0). charset UTF-8

That it is necessary to alter:
To use days of week from a file of language of the module

For check has switched the browser in the charset w-1251
Resized Image
Published: 2011/7/13 16:16 • Updated: 2011/7/13 16:26
Maybe somebody from Russia could help us with solving it.

BTW - let's continue the discussion about it on our Support Forums
Published: 2011/7/13 16:29 • Updated: 2011/7/13 16:29
For highlights, will add something?
(Mastop Go2, spothlight etc ...)

No plans at this moment, but what would be the suggestion by the community? Which module is currently the best?
Published: 2011/7/13 16:33 • Updated: 2011/7/13 16:33
In my test site, I already have some of these modules running. Best to remove them and install from scratch or is overwrite good aswell ?
(for instance the previous problem I encountered with Extcal?)
Just back from holiday aswell, so not yet checked it.
Published: 2011/7/13 17:24 • Updated: 2011/7/13 17:24
Best to remove them and install from scratch or is overwrite good aswell ?

It shouldn't matter.

But since icon files have been removed from some of the modules and files renamed, you might delete the modules and copy the module files fresh, so you don't end up with "orphan" files on your Website.

However, you don't have to uninstall the module itself - just delete the module files, copy new ones over, and recompile/update the module in Admin.
Published: 2011/7/13 17:46 • Updated: 2011/7/13 17:46
Good night @mamba.
In the Basic Module Pack could be added the Mastop Go2, what do you think?
I think every site needs a slider, to highlight their products, services, etc...

Sorry, my English is not very good
Published: 2011/7/13 20:16 • Updated: 2011/7/13 20:16
I've updated also the Profile and PM (Private Messaging) modules.

Please test them as well and let us know what you think.

I am looking right now at the Protector module, but it seems like it will be much more complicated because this module uses "Trust Path" for its files.

However, if we manage to do it, then all XOOPS standard modules would have the same GUI, which will improve user experience and will cut down learning time
Published: 2011/7/15 17:03 • Updated: 2011/7/15 17:03
Finished updating Protector. You can test it from SourceForge SVN.

There are new icons in the ModuleAdmin pack for the Protector, so you might download it too
Published: 2011/7/16 6:28 • Updated: 2011/7/16 6:28
Although the admin classes and templates might not respect BC/FC compact and the backend is designed differently in X3, it would be good addition to XOOPS users for the moment.
Congratulations to mamba and his module pack group.
Published: 2011/7/16 6:31 • Updated: 2011/7/16 6:31
In the Basic Module Pack could be added the Mastop Go2, what do you think?

I've updated Mastop_Go2, please download it from SourceForge SVN and test it.

There are new icons in the ModuleAdmin pack for the Mastop_Go2, so you will need to download it too
Published: 2011/7/17 0:44 • Updated: 2011/7/17 0:44
Nice work Mamba and team. A great selection of useful modules.

A permanent banner advert on the XO homepage that links to the download would be a good idea IMHO. This would enable new users to get Xoops and get a site up and running really quickly.
Published: 2011/7/17 19:20 • Updated: 2011/7/17 19:20
Nice work Mamba and team. A great selection of useful modules.

Thank you!

A permanent banner advert on the XO homepage that links to the download would be a good idea IMHO. This would enable new users to get Xoops and get a site up and running really quickly.

Yes, once is tested and released, we'll add a link on XOOPS homepage.

I would also like to add a prominent button in XOOPS 2.5.2 Admin.

Of course, it would be even better to enable the new user to download the pack directly to his Website during XOOPS Installation. But for that we would need a guru who could modify the Installation script.
Published: 2011/7/17 20:15 • Updated: 2011/7/17 20:15
After upgrading the protector with the one you provide in SVN i get the next error message in advise section of protector:
'databasefactory.php' not secure !
After reinstalling the protector from the 2.5.1 core ti went 'databasefactory.php' ok now
i think you have missied something
Published: 2011/7/18 4:42 • Updated: 2011/7/18 4:42
@ Yourdal
Thanks for testing and the report, it's very much appreciated! The Protector is a little bit more complicated because it's using "Trust Path". I'll be looking at it today or tomorrow. How is everything else looking? Any other issues?

[EDIT] Yourdal, it looks OK here. I set "Enable DB Layer trapping anti-SQL-Injection" in Preferences to YES, and in the Advisory Center I get:

'databasefactory.php' : Your databasefactory is ready for DBLayer Trapping anti-SQL-Injection ok

Anybody else experiencing the same problem?

@ All: Please submit bugs in this thread on the Forums
Published: 2011/7/18 4:46 • Updated: 2011/7/18 5:18
We just updated the xForms module to the XOOPS 2.5.x GUI.

More info on the Forums
Published: 2011/7/18 11:12 • Updated: 2011/7/18 11:12
The xLanguage 3.03 Beta1 module has been updated for XOOPS 2.5.x GUI and is ready for testing.

You can download it from SourceForge SVN.

There are new icons in the ModuleAdmin pack, so you will need to download it too

Please provide feedback in this forum
Published: 2011/7/20 5:26 • Updated: 2011/7/20 5:27
Just let you know that the package is mamba's personal recommendation, never reviewed or approved by XOOPS Dev Team.

Code quality, compatibility and security issues should be taken care.
Published: 2011/8/3 22:20 • Updated: 2011/8/3 22:20
Japanese translation is available from here

Thanks to Keiichi Shiga for doing it!
Published: 2011/8/22 19:05 • Updated: 2011/8/22 19:05
no cbb in the pack?
Published: 2011/8/23 5:22 • Updated: 2011/8/23 5:22
Not yet - we need to convert one, the only question is: should it be 3.08 or 4.03?

CBB 4.03 Beta was developed by Alfred from Germany and it was based on the 4.0 RC. While it was officially in Beta, it was used on XOOPS Germany and Alfred said that he didn't experienced any issues. So maybe we could use it in our Pack.

What do you think?
Published: 2011/8/23 5:28 • Updated: 2011/8/23 5:31
as far as i know cbb 4.03 is in RC from 11/8/2011 (ONE YEAR! Happy Birthday 4.03RC!) and alfred has abandoned its development:


It is a pity that it always comes to disputes around and with XOOPS. Remain XOOPS will never be able competitors and always in the shadow of other CMS.

I have therefore decided to no longer participate as a developer.
Mamba has already complied with my request.
My modules for Xoops
Mantis and
the development of the CBB will no longer be continued.

I wish you much success XOOPS.

what about xforum?

@wishcraft: can be merged w/cbb?
Published: 2011/8/23 7:32 • Updated: 2011/8/23 7:45
I have it installed on my test box at home and it works but some of the english tags are missing.

Published: 2011/8/23 15:20 • Updated: 2011/8/23 15:20
are you referring to cbb 4.03RC?

EDIT/ it seems to work fine, except two-three minor warnings...
Published: 2011/8/24 2:56 • Updated: 2011/8/24 3:56
Yes I was refering to the cbb 4.03 but I see there is a 4.05 version out that I saw somewhere. (Sorry about the long delay, didn't catch this until now.)

Since the newer versions of xoops will come with the pm, profile and protector with the admin framework already added I am thinking these should be removed from this module pack. It will cause confusion for people that have it installed with their new installation.

And the admin classes should not be included either since that is also included in the latest xoops. Just mention that the module pack is only for version 2.5.(whatever) and newer. Since it is designed to work with 2.5 or newer and now the class and those 3 modules are included with the core package it doesn't make sense to have them in this pack. It will only confuse people.
Published: 2011/10/24 9:46 • Updated: 2011/10/24 9:46
The ExtCal permissions are not working properly. Can't get an anonymous user to see the description of the calendared event.

More specifically, the anonymous user can see the calendar, and the posted event title in the calendar. However, when the anonymous user clicks on the link for the full description for the event, XOOPS will not let the unregistered user see the content.

Thanks in advance for looking into this. ZOULLOU website has been down...

Published: 2011/11/6 19:10 • Updated: 2011/11/6 19:14
Mamba, good night!
The module Mastop GO2 need of one change in "admin/sec.php"

The user try delete or create a new category, but the result is a white screen.

Go to: admin/sec.php

Remove or comment this two lines:

44: mgo_adm_menu();
93: mgo_adm_menu();

Published: 2012/1/11 20:16 • Updated: 2012/1/11 20:16
From this folder the Module fmContent is cousing a blank white page on install page.


Published: 2012/6/20 16:14 • Updated: 2012/6/20 16:14