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  • Posted on: 2009/8/5 15:31
Re: Urgent attention All Xoops Modules and theme developers #1
I'll chip my two cents worth in too...

I have to agree with trabis fully here.
I did not spend the last three years of
my life building a website just to promote
a social networking site that has nothing
to do with anything even remotely
related to things I am interested in.

I've tried a few of them in the past and
quite frankly they just don't work for me.

Some folks might want to casually insult
them as being pieces of crap but as webmasters
all of us know how much work it is to build
and maintain any website.
(Even if most social network's "content"
is from users telling the world at large
they are eating a Twinkie ATM. lol)

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  • Posted on: 2009/1/29 7:08
Re: Is xoops (.org) becoming a playground? #2
Thank you, ghia, I was unaware of that
module. I'll take a closer look at
it later as I have been playing with the
idea of an arcade site using XOOPS as
it's base.

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  • Posted on: 2009/1/28 23:26
Re: Is xoops (.org) becoming a playground? #3
Quite honestly, I had not thought of
just adding comments to an existing
module about the other language
versions of The Philosophy of Liberty.

But how could that be applied to the
games? As I said earlier, not all
XOOPS webmasters would know how to
port them let alone begin dabbling in
making even a rudimentary module, which
admittedly mine are.

At any rate, I thank you all for this
valuable feedback. Before this thread
was brought to my attention the only
feedback I was getting was the fact
that someone was downloading them
to use on their sites. lol

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  • Posted on: 2009/1/28 8:00
Re: Is xoops (.org) becoming a playground? #4
deka87, Each module I have submitted
does include a link to my module
development "sub site" and I also
include a link with each module to a
functioning preview of the modules.

I hate downloading a module without
having a chance to see it in action
first and thought it would save people
time if they had a chance to examine
the module before deciding if they
wanted to downloading it or not.

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  • Posted on: 2009/1/28 6:54
Re: Is xoops (.org) becoming a playground? #5

Just the 14 languages that it had been
translated to.
A note of interest: Google "Esperanto"
If you didn't already know what it is
you're in for a surprise. ( I was anyway!)

If I may...

This is the site where the files came
from. I already contacted the owner
of the blog and asked them for their
permission to mirror the files on my
site and they agreed quite readily.
The only problem so far is uploading
all of them (just 84 files!!), most of
the DiVX versions are absolutely huge!

I started porting the flash versions
to XOOPS since so many people worldwide
use it.

As for the games... I wasn't
planning to submit too many more
anyway. I think the full page of them
I have submitted should offer enough
variety for any webmaster. lol

In all seriousness though, it was never
my intention to "spam" or detract from You have to admit, the
games sub category was kind of skimpy
and not everyone that chooses XOOPS as
their CMS would know how or even want
to fool with trying to port anything.

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  • Posted on: 2009/1/28 4:49
Re: Is xoops (.org) becoming a playground? #6
My apologies to anyone who finds the
modules I have been making to be of
"low quality". I merely wanted contribute
something to XOOPS that users might at
least find entertaining and in no way
intended to detract from XOOPS.

I am not a PHP coder and am just now
getting my feet wet learning how to
make simple modules.

The 'modules' from Shadow are flash scripts that don't add any functionality to a website. I even don't think they deserve to be called 'module'. Just cheap sh#t.

Free Games
Fun Flash Games
Frozen Bubbles

Are these modules "Just cheap sh#t"
as well? They add no more "functionality"
than the modules I have made and they
have been in the module repository
far longer.

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  • Posted on: 2008/10/20 9:48
Re: Comment on #7
I posted a comment there last
weekend and it took a few days
before it was approved. They must
get their (un)fair share of spam

I was surprised at the number of
negative comments posted about
XOOPS early on. I've been using it
for a little over a year now and
wish I had been using it from the
start now.

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