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Which databases are supported by xoops?
At the time of writing, XOOPS only supports a MySQL database. Support for other databases is in the planning phase, but so far the need for this functionality has been limited and the XOOPS team believes that it is better to support one database 100% than supporting many more databases 70%.

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 Creating one

Is there a whitepaper on creating support for other databases ?


 Re: Creating one

In XOOPS 2.6.0 Richard implemented Doctrine, and with it you'll be able to use other databases by following the Doctrine implementation - just google for info about some tutorials, like this or this


 current stable version

Thanks for the info Mamba!
Although I need to get this done in 2 weeks for the current stable version ;)
The person that did the Mysqli connector, did he write some documentation that you know of ?


 Re: current stable version

Unfortunately, I am not aware of any documentation, so you'll need to take a look at the code to see how it was done...

But try to follow the commits on GitHub, so you can see what was changed and how, and that should help you to focus only on these changed files...



I actually did both the MySQLi connector for 2.5.x and the Doctrine connector for 2.6.

I tried to make the MySQLi connector the same as the old connector. So whatever you did with the old connector should work fine. It is a drop in replacement. The new MySQLi connector can be run object orientated or procedurally based. To stay compatible I made it procedurally based but as I said, you access it the same way that you did the old MySQL connector.

I believe one of the status requests returns more information because it returns an object and if you are not expecting it then it can throw you a little but it is nothing major. I could have probably modified it more to return the status back better but it didn't seem to matter at the time.

As far as 2.6 it is relatively simple to use the new Doctrine connector. Although doctrine 2.5 is currently included I made the connector based on 2. It is very stock Doctrine with a couple Xoops helper functions added for the prefix stuff. Richard did test the connector with different databases and 2.6 and he said quite a few worked but some others needed more work. Doctrine version 2.5 should be more compatible with more databases.

I am currently working on some other projects which I hope to finish up soon. If you have any questions feel free to ask. You probably want to start a message thread so others can be helped as well since there really isn't much in the way of documentation written as of right now.




Thanks guys!



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