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When some users post a topic and when it is posted you can see html code within the message ie <b> <a>/ etc. how can I stop this from happening.<br /><br />Thanks
Requested by Kevcar and Answered by Mamba on 2009/8/24 3:20:18 (2373 reads)
It seems like your users are pasting HTML code, while you are using a "text-based" editor, e.g. DHTML.

You have to tell your users to stop posting HTML code, or you can select in Preferences an HTML-based Editor, such as TinyMCE.

If you continue to use a "text-based" editor, after the posting you can go to the article's Edit, and "un-check" the "disable HTML"

Please be aware that HTML code might create security issues, if users place malicious code.

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