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How can I change the date format of my forum entries?
The default date format of CBB is currently the US style of month\day, for example, the 15th January 2006 is, by default, 01/15.

If your country adopts an alternative style, you may want to change this. For example, in the UK, the date format is Day\Month\Year.

To adjust it, edit Frameworks/xoops22/language/english/user.php (or if you use an alternative language choose accordingly) as follows :

Change lines 15-18 from :

define("_TODAY""Today G:i");

define("_YESTERDAY""Yes\te\rday G:i");

define("_MONTHDAY""[b]n/j[/b] G:i");

define("_YEARMONTHDAY""[b]Y/n/j[/b] G:i");


define("_TODAY""Today G:i");

define("_YESTERDAY""Yes\te\rday G:i");

define("_MONTHDAY", [b]"d/m/y[/b] G:i");

define("_YEARMONTHDAY""[b]d/m/y[/b] G:i");

or to whatever choosing you require in line with the PHP specification

If that does not work, check that you do not have values that overide the one's above in either of these two files :

XOOPS_ROOT/modules/newbb/language/english/main.php or XOOPS_ROOT/language/english/global.php

For further info see this thread


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 wrong file!!


Most helpful - I need to do the same thing - but just one point.....

You refer to:

When, on my system, the file is:

Thanks for the very helpful FAQ, btw - XOOPS search is your friend


 Re: wrong file!!

OK... found the file, changed the thing... still shows the old format... anything else i need to update?
After endless browsing around, i did a lil copy/paste of those 4 lines into the global.php from the main/language directory... that seemed to do the trick... but i think now gives and error when showing different timezones... i see a post with no date but with a strange formated location somethin... too tired now... gonna sleep



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