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Hello,I download some modules from and put them into modules directory.I have 20 modules in my module directory but when I goto module section from admin menu I can see only 6 modules,Can you tell me where my modules are? I have the last version of xoops.Thanks
Requested by MHKN1981 and Answered by Carnuke on 2006/8/10 13:59:51 (4546 reads)
It's most likely that some module folder are nesting other folders with the module files withing them. You must ensure that a module folder contains ONLY module files, not another top folder holding the module file contents.

Also ensure that the module name is correct. Most modules only allow the originla unchanged name to be used. If in doubt check the xoops_version.php file. It will have something like this:

$modversion['dirname'] = "mylinks";

mylinks is the only name you can call this module.

Some modules allow for name changes, but confer with the instructions for this.

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