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How to use Koivi editor in Xoops 2.013.2, with News, WIWIMOD, Userpages!
A guide on how to get Koivi editor into Xoops

I tried many different ways, yet to keep it simple here is how:

Ok first get the WYSIWYG editors

This is the original versions meant for 2.013.2 that are with the newbb2 package.
Now you could try hacking the modules, to point to the framework as I did for ages, getting no where.
Yet in the end the easiest way was to do, as intended by each module and not change a thing.

So get the Koivi package from there
Then stick this in your class folder, as News 1.44, WIWIMod, userpages and loads more point to a folder in class called wysiwyg.
You could also get spaw and htmlarea both working like this.

That’s it, lol
sorry I have to laugh… I spent ages messing trying ways and found doing it with the betas, worked far better then trying to point to framework, as then the redirection is all over the place and things like image editor, don’t work as ment.

Then with CBB it is already there with the framework correctly set.

It would be nice if in the next News and WIWI module point also to the frame work or if there can be a redirect xoopeditor file to update, that instead points to the framework correctly and bridges this gap.

Yet for now this works so you can use Koivi in all modules with 2.013.2, you do need space with this though, as you will have two copies of the Koivi editor, one in frameworks and one in class.

Yet in a way this is good, as later when we all upgrade it will be class and not frameworks we use.

So have fun

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 Another link

I had problems with the link provided above, try the following:


 Re: Another link

Has anyone done this with event guide?


 Re: Another link

the links for koivi dont wrk for me does any one know where i can download the latest version.


 Re: Another link

Visit this link:


 KOIVI in xoops

I have developped a site under XOOPS, using koivi as text editor.
In a 1st attempt I used koivi 1.0.53 beta2, and I discovered that this version had a little bug with carriage return handling (Maj+Enter feature doesn't work properly inside P and LI tags).
I decided to use version 1.0.52 and then all is working nice now !



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