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I have no idea about CSS and stylesheets, can you help?
  Requested by Carnuke and Answered by Pmcnamara on 2006/1/6 17:34:46     7386  reads 
There is too much material out there to choose from, but I can certainly recommend Holy CSS Zeldman! as one of the best and most authoritive resources. Start with No crap primer and move down the list. If you want some stunning inspiration on CSS have a look at CSS ZenGarden and the sample links down the side. Welcome to CSS, you won't turn back! --- Additional details submitted by Pmcnamara on 2006/8/13 13:30:56 I do not understandy why EVERY Xooops site is not based off design. 95% of Xoops sites are boring, look the same, and are completely unoriginal. Everytime I visit I am blown away by what can be accomplished within a Xoops site and I am completely baffled by why others (MYSELF INCLUDED !) don't use this technology. EDITORS COMMENT (Carnuke) Total CSS is used in many xoops themes , However the wonderful graphics you see in zengarden and others does take its toll on page loading time. Not everyone wants a 'graphical theme' and prefer the minimalist approach.

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