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Fatal error: mysql extension not loaded in C:\Program Files\Apache Group\Apache2\htdocs\class\database\mysqldatabase.php on line 74
  Requested and Answered by Chlockett on 2005/9/11 21:13:13     18709  reads 
The MySQL extension for PHP must be loaded correctly through the php.ini Especially on Windows platforms, this can be rather troublesome as there are multiple locations where libmysql.dll file can be placed (PHP directory, MySQL directory, Windows system directories) Adding a phpinfo file to your installation (a file with just the contents:
echo phpinfo();
) can help you track down whether this extension is correctly loaded. Unfortunately the documentation is lacking in this area, but it is an Apache/MySQL problem and not specific to using XOOPS

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 PHP 5.0.x

Php 5.0.x users get this error because mysql extensions are no more loaded for default in the php distribution.
You may load mysql extensions manually as server module. On Apache servers, you may modify httpd-config file. Read php 5.0.x installation notes for further detalis.


 Re: PHP 5.0.x

I am a new user to the XOOPS and php. During my setup process, i had encounter the same problem as above Fatal error: mysql extension not loaded in file C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\xoops\html\class\database\mysqldatabase.php line 74

I also come across forum whereby the underlying problem is because mysql extensions are no more loaded for default in the php distribution.
How can i loaded the mysql extension ?

Windows2k3 - IIS6.0
Mysql - 5.0
PHP - 5.0x
xoops - 2.2.x

Please advise.


 Still having problems understanding this thread?

I had Red hat Fedora c4 running for two weeks and the Apache virtual server did not hadnle all the domain I was porting over something got very confused with DNS and Virtual Name Server that I was running. XOOPS Got COnfused saying I already was trying to install that name to the the Dbase. SO I went back to win 2k and found the IIS to be a better handler of mutiple DNS's and Websites WOrked right out of the box.

Installed php 5.0 and Mysql 5.016 and they work awesome. Has there been collaboration between XOOPS and Mysql to resolve this error. is there an easy msi - win32 installer. Red Hat is Beautiful Work but way to confusing.

SO the Question is How do you install the Mysql Extenstions / In WHich Mutiple placed do these files need to be added. WHat Proceedure on mySql do we need to follow in order to get the right dependicies to work for Xoops. I can Copy and paste but just do not know where. I can Add .Dll's but do not know which ones

Well I thaught that if I spent 7:30 pm till 5:00 am workingon this problem then Maybe you guys can afford a work around answer for us that love XOOPS but do not have time to be a RHCA. THnaks from the Lizardman



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