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How do I create a forum and set forum permissions in Newbb 2?
  Requested and Answered by Jdseymour on 2005/4/2 10:41:57     11583  reads 
Newbb 2 allows for complete control of your website forums. And as such is sometimes complicated for a new user to learn.

See the Newbb 2 Forum Creation Flash Tutorial to help guide you through the forum creation and settings process.

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 unable to edit newbb2 forum

when I try to edit a forum it just comes up with a screen showing the title forum and does not show anything else. this also happens on a newly created forum.


 Re: unable to edit newbb2 forum

To be more specific even when I add a forum I can create it but when the screen is supposed to go back to adding moderators and setting permissions it just shows a box that says edit forum and that is blank


 Re: unable to edit newbb2 forum

The PHP errors that are showing up when debugging is on is. Fatal error: Call to undefined method NewbbFormSelectUser::XoopsFormSelect() in /var/www/html/modules/newbb/class/formselectuser.php on line 34


 Re: unable to edit newbb2 forum

same problem for me... anyone?


 Re: unable to edit newbb2 forum

Same problem here.

I posted a question in the newbb2 help forum on, no help there as yet.

See this thread. ... thread_id=2196&forum_id=4

As I mentioned there, I made this change which seems to fix it, but that just leaves another error further down the same page, which I cannot find a fix to.

Here is my fix:


$this->XoopsFormSelect($caption, $name, $value, $size, $multiple);


$this->XoopsFormSelectUser($caption, $name, $value, $size, $multiple);

As I said this just fixes(?) this particular bug. It seems there are further errors with this page:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function: addoptionarray() in /home/ on line 47

Seems to be caused by:


So I am stuck here for now. Please help anyone!


 Re: unable to edit newbb2 forum

You may be better updating to CBB instead.


 Re: unable to edit newbb2 forum

why is the FAQ section becoming a post your problems and see if we can fix em area? is the forum not good enough anymore?


 Re: unable to edit newbb2 forum

I get this same error when I install CBB 1.16a

EDI: Updating the forum from admin solves it.


 Re: unable to edit newbb2 forum

Use the FORUM for problems.. the FAQ section is an FAQ not a support forum..




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