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How do I resend a user/member his activation link to authenticate his email address submitted on registration?
Requested and Answered by Kiwiguy on 2005/1/26 3:15:26 (8988 reads)
The only way to resend a activation link that I know of is to go into

system admin>mail users

type in the subject line whatever you wish but in the body of the message type your message but make sure that you include this code in the body of the message


That will resend the activation link for that said user or users.

Hope this is of some help

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 Resend Activation Email

When using this there is an option check box for "Send Message to Inactive users only" Does this mean users that have not activated by email, or that they have not logged on in a while?

And is it possible to see if these emails are bouncing or not?

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 Re: Resend Activation Email

Hey jdseymour

Have a look on this thread: ... id=128534#forumpost128534

It´s a nice hack.

hope this helps

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 Re: Resend Activation Email

Thanks, excellent hack.